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  1. Value Position

    Perfect all problems sorts. Thanks so much.
  2. Value Position

    Hi thanks for the suggestions. I have attached a screenshot so you can see the position of the number values and also open to suggestions on getting more space above the columns. bgColor='FFFFCC' baseFont='verdana' baseFontSize='10' baseFontColor='000066' hovercapbg='FFFFCC' hovercapborder='000066' showYAxisValues='0' numdivlines='5' divLineColor='CCCCCC' divLineAlpha='80' decimalPrecision='0' showAlternateHGridColor='1' AlternateHGridAlpha='30' AlternateHGridColor='CCCCCC' rotateNames='1' slantLabels='1' showValue='1' formatNumber='0' formatNumberScale='0'
  3. Value Position

    Hi, two simple questions... I wont to set the value on a Single Column 3D to display at the top of each column? also is it posible to set the top of the graph to be 20pixels above the top of the tallest column without displaying a y axis? Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Canvas gradient

    Perfect, thanks so much.
  5. Canvas gradient

    Hi all, I am trying to get a canvas gradient to run from top to bottom not left to right. I am using canvasBgColor="D9D5F1,FFFFFF" Can i add another command to make the gradient top to bottom. Thanks
  6. Legend line

  7. Legend line

    Hi all, is it posible to change the legend dot to a line? Thanks
  8. Firefox error

    Hi all, seen this error a lot on the forum but seen no actual reasons why this is happening so here goes... I can display a chart in IE with no problems but other browser like Firefox, Opera and Safari I get "Error in loading data" Someone must have a fix for this??? Thanks
  9. logo

    Hi all, I am have a lot of trouble displaying a logo on my Gantt chart and hoped that someone can help? The code i am using is as below... <chart logoURL="logo.swf" logoPosition="TL" logoAlpha="100" showTaskNames="1" dateFormat="dd/mm/yyyy" hoverCapBgColor="FFFFFF" hoverCapBorderColor="333333" ganttLineColor="99CC00" ganttLineAlpha="20" baseFontColor="333333" gridBorderColor="99CC00" taskBarRoundRadius="4" showShadow="0"> Any ideas why nothing displays? Thanks
  10. Process overlap

    Very nice. All sorted. thanks again.
  11. Process overlap

    Hi all, I am getting to grips with the Gantt which I think is fantastic however I have another issue. When I use the process and tasks together I noticed that the process bar is on top of the task. Is it posible to change the order so I have the tasks on top of the processes like it is with the milestones? Thanks again for all the help.
  12. Hi, I am having trouble using the toolText and the link on the Gantt Chart. As i cant seem to get either working. Are these available for the free versions? Thanks all
  13. Gantt popup

    Thanks, very helpful.
  14. Gantt popup

    Hi all, I am well aware that with the main Fusion Graphs you can use popups, but can this be don with a Gantt as I cant get it too work? I would use link="P-detailsWin,top=0........... Any ideas??? Thanks