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  1. Hi again, we downloaded the update (veriosn 3.02) and replace the '100%' with '100%25'. I am sorry to inform you that it didn't fix the problem. Currently we replaced the 100% with a number but this is not a complete solution. if you have some more ideas I would be happy to know about. Best Regards, Ilan.
  2. Rahul Hi Again, the version we are working with is version 3.00. Indeed if we remove the 100% and replace it with a number all is well. the problem is that we cannot predetermine the width of the chart to a specific number. that is why we are using the 100%. if we remove it the chart will not necessariliy spread on the page and that is problematic. Can you think of a solution for that? Best Reagrds, Ilan.
  3. Dear Rahul, Thanks for your quick reply. indeed we are using % width in the code generating the Gantt chart. the hight is an integer passed to the function. if is is the problem, then please advise on a method to change it in order to prevent it from happening. following is the C# code that creates the Gantt chart: private void createGanttFromXMLSourse(int hight){ tdGantt.Controls.Clear(); StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); if (!chkFitToPage.Checked){ float widthParam = Convert.ToSingle(ddlGanttZoom.Text) / 7; if(widthParam < 1)widthParam = 1; sb.Append( "var myChart = new FusionCharts('../FusionGadgets_Developer/Charts/Gantt.swf', 'chartId', '" + (1000 * widthParam) + "', '" + hight + "', '0', '1');");} else{ sb.Append( "var myChart = new FusionCharts('../FusionGadgets_Developer/Charts/Gantt.swf', 'chartId', '100%', '" + hight + "', '0', '1');");} sb.Append( "myChart.setDataURL('Data/OperatorsGanttZoomOut.xml');");sb.Append( "myChart.render('chartdiv');"); //sb.Append("</script>"); HtmlGenericControl divControl = new HtmlGenericControl("div");divControl.Attributes.Add( "id", "chartdiv"); HtmlGenericControl control = new HtmlGenericControl("script");control.Attributes.Add( "type", "text/javascript");control.InnerText = sb.ToString(); tdGantt.Controls.Add(divControl); tdGantt.Controls.Add(control); }
  4. Hi, We are using your Gantt chart in our systems to present machines and operators reports. (Asp.Net systems) we have the following problem: the chart works fine for presenting several reports, but every now and then instead of presenting the chart we receive a greeen square in the left upper corner of the screen instead of the chart. in order to see the chart once more the user has to close the system and reopen it. Why does it happen? do you have a solution? see attached a print screen of the problematic output. Thanks in advance, Ilan.