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  1. This Bug is specific to non-IE browsers and the Pie chart type. The issue is that it breaks the page, (all javascript is broken after this occurs), and the chart only renders a small bar on the right side where the pie chart would start drawing. See screenshots below. Render Type: javascript Data Type: jsonFusionCharts XT Version: 3.3.0 [Tested with 3.3.0-release.18700 and 3.3.0-release.18739] Browser: Chrome and Firefox affected (IE8 seems to work fine) [Tested with Chrome 26.0.1410.33 and Firefox 18.0.2] Chart Type: Pie3D (StackedColumn, Pie2D works, although Pie2D appears okay but still gets a javascript error in the console) I've attached the error message, and a test case (just a simple html file, actually) that causes this to fail in Chrome every time. Because of this issue, we had to downgrade back to Fusion Charts 3.2.3. Note that we are using Chrome, because IE8 performs too poorly for the amount of chart data we display. And we only use javascript. Flash is dead to me. Simply place the attached html (zipped) file in a directory where the FusionCharts javascript files are in a subdirectory called 'js'. It should be obvious by looking at the HTML file. Thanks! -Jason A broken_update.zip
  2. Label Text Gets Cut Off

    Fusion Charts XT 3.3.0, javascript version. We have a similar issue. Initially we used a workaround to display the label, but we've since rolled back to 3.2.3-sr1.5347 due to a different (fatal) flaw with updateChart. I've found that the last label is actually generated but has style: display="none" on it. It will start to display with a width over 720px, but that's too wide for us to use and it really should be able to fit with the space it has. We found a workaround, by taking the DrawComplete event and making every text element within the chart DIV visible. jQuery("#chartcontainer").bind( "fusionchartsdrawcomplete", function (e, args) { jQuery("#chartcontainer").find("text").css("display","block"); }); I've attached a very simple html file with test data that reproduces this. It needs the js files from FusionCharts XT in a directory 'js' to work. Or just change the script references at the top. Versions used: 3.3.0-release.18700 3.3.0-release.18739 missing_label_FusionCharts.zip