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  1. Gap between two bar

    I am creating A 'ScrollStackedCol2D' chart. Consider, i have 8 Colums in this chart. I need to club the first four and then the next four. I can do it by setting the gap width. If i set the gapwidth of 1st and 2nd Bar=2 then i need the gapwidth of 4th and 5th=4 How i can set it. I know then it becomes multiseries chart.I done 'MSStackedColumn2D' chart also.But that is not my requirement,that is not scrollable. Please help me..
  2. I had created one columnar chart.On the click of that chart ,Can i call a function which i write on the aspx.cs(code behind) page.If possible please tell me how it is ..... Please let me know as soon as possible...its urgent......
  3. SSgrid

    (VB.NET) Now each label displays rowwise.How i can display labels in columnwise. Is it Possible? Example <set label='Jan' color='228B22'/> <set label='Feb' color='228B22'/> In this case 'Jan' in the first row and 'Feb' in the second row But can i display these two in first and second colums respectively...? Thanks
  4. SSGrid

    Is it possible to set colour for colour boxes in ssgrid?
  5. SSGrid

    Thanks...Itz working
  6. Annotation

    Is it possible to use Annotations in "MSStackedColumn2DLineDY" ?. If yes can you please provide an example (xml).
  7. Legend

    I need more than one set of legend in one chart.(VB.Net)How i can set it manually? Example <dataset seriesname='set1'> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='set2'> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> </dataset> <lineSet seriesname='lineset1'> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> </lineSet > <lineSet seriesname='lineset2'> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> </lineSet > It has two dataset and two lineset. Now chart has one legend set which shows these four together. But i requires two separate legendset .One for dataset and one for line set Is it possible?