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  1. Waterfall Chart : Actual Vs Total Plan

    Hi, Is the above problem has been resolved? For the last column, it is a separate entity altogether. It has no corelation between the last column to the previous columns. Therefore, the last column is a non cumulative or non sum. I need to set calculated value in the last column. AND the most important part is the last column starts from ZERO position so that we can do a COMPARISON between first and last column.
  2. There is some workaround I have done to fullfill my requirement. Flow: I have used cell click to add corresponding cell id and required info in one HashMap(Java). You can select n no. of cells based on availability. Finally I have given one button to submit the selected cells. Reqiurement was fullfill. Regards, Kiran
  3. Thanks Sashibhusan for your reply. I have given url for each set element in dataset. With this I can navigate to desired pages upon cell click. I have 5 by 6 grid HeatMap. Total of 30 cells. I can navigate to specified page upon cell click. But I need to select multiple cells (say 1,3,5,6 I mean more than one cell) and should provide an option to navigate to the specified url So that I can get slected cells info and process fiuther. We have achieved similar kind of requirement in one our app using Adobe Flex. We have Bubble chart in that application. In Bubble Chart object there an option called mutilple selection. We have enabled it. We can select multiple bubbles by using Ctrl+Mouse selection or by slecting paritcular region with drag option. Hope the requirement is clear.
  4. Hi, I have enabled HeatMap with my data. I also enabled click through feature via cell click and able to navigate to other screens. This is fine till now. I would also like to select more than one cell (rather than just single cell click) and navigate to other pages. In this case, I should carry required info of cells to other scrrens while navigation. Is there any feature already in FC. Please let me know. Thanks. Regards, Kiran M
  5. Thanks Haritha, I have used similar workaround which you specified. I have used 4 datasets. One is for actual data to be rendered and another three are for highlighting the background color with different color. The colours are mixing in the intesections. But atleast I have some work around. Regards, Kiran M
  6. Thank you Haritha for your detailed explaination. Its is usefull for me up to some extent. In the above xml, Green color was set to entire chart for background. And yellow, For all the categories, the value is 7. So its displaying equal interval when compared to outer boarder of chart. Finally, blue region, All categories have different values, that is the reason its showing some polygon structure. As per my actual requirement, I have to split the radar chart in to three regions with 2 numDivLines. I have to color code these regions with Red, Yellow & Green colors respectively. On top of it, I have to add datasets with diffetrent colored thinline. In your sample xml: Color coded the data set values so that its appearing in specified color. But I need to color code the region in between the numDivLines. I hope you understand my problem. Please suggest me if have any idea on this. Thanks. Regards, Kiran M
  7. Hi, I would like to construct dashboard with Spider Chart. I want 2 numDivLines so that I will have three regions() in Chart. I would like to add different background color for three regions. There is option in FusionCharts, Can change the colr of numDivLines but not the region. I have attached screenshot for your reference of my basic requirement. I need to implement first model if that is not possible I should go with the second option. Please suggest me how can I color code to the regions. Thanks. Regards, Kiran M