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  1. Sorry, issue resolved... I had multiple instances of FusionCharts on the server. I can confirm that "LoadingText" does work in pure Javascript mode with version 3.3.0.
  2. FusionCharts XT Professional 3.3.0 (January 2013)
  3. I'm using pure javascript charts and all threads seems to discuss issues in Flash mode. Here is my javascript: <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var myChart = new FusionCharts( "Bar2D", "myChartId", "700", "260", "0", "0" ); myChart.setXMLUrl("../xml/3-3_chart_02_fr.xml"); myChart.configure("PBarLoadingText", "Chargement du schéma interactif"); myChart.render("chartContainer"); // --> </script> I found a thread that suggested using "LoadingText" instead of "PBarLoadingText" but neither works for me... I just get the default "Loading Chart. Please Wait." message. The chart renders fine it's just that I can't seem to set the loading text. Oh, and it's not the accented character because I tried just using "QQQ" as the replacement text and that didn't work either. Is it a limitation of javascript charts or am I doing something wrong? Would there be a functioning work around to hide the loading text entirely?