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  1. Hello Rajroop, That seems nearly the same as what I really require. Any ways hope that it will be available in the future release of Fusion chart. Coz in our case there are lots of colliding lines, So it is almost impossible for the user to identify the line of his/her interest at all.
  2. Hi, We have a requirement specifying that the line (single) that the user is hovering should be highlight. So that in case of multiple lines (overlapping each other) the user could easily identify the trend that he is interested in. Also one more requirement is that there should be possibility for drilldown from the lines (lines and not the nodes themselves) Any help is greatly appreciable.
  3. Drilldown from Vline

    Hi, I am back on track. And any information about the tooltip on vline. Also I am much interested in non overlaping Labels (can be translucent as well) of the Vline :w00t:
  4. Non overlapping labels in vline

    I have a requirement where i need to show certain vlines in the charts with the labels of them non overlapping with each other. currently they start to overlap each other when the interval among the x axis points are getting closer. How to overcome this issue, suggestions on any work-around is also appreciable.
  5. Drilldown from Vline

    Well Madhumita, sad to say that your suggestion on increasing alpha and thickness in case of vLines, doesn't fit, because whenever the chart is expanded or elongated the 'thickness' remains the same. so its hard to predict exact thickness. Then I have few queries, 1. Does Scatter charts supports trendline. if so how, coz the sample in the documentation doesn't have any trendline has only the anchors. 2. Do the vline have tool-text (i.e) tool tip .
  6. Drilldown from Vline

    Thank you supremebeing :Whistling: Also I need to know the feasibility of one more requirement. We are currently using vline for events that occur in one day. But We need to show a Event that lasts for more than one day. So I found from the docs that linePosition can either '0' or '1' or nothing. But As per our requirement we need to show a shaded (translucent ) area where the time ranges occurs. Is there any possibility to do so. Its clear that 'vline' can't support that requirement. so are there any other work around for this issue atleast. Eg. E1 - event that occurs for a timerange lets say jan - 1 to Dec -1 E2 - event occurring in feb.
  7. Drilldown from Vline

    We are currently using Fusioncharts V3. We are in need of displaying a Roadmap application which highlights event-timelines (Vlines). But there is a requirement for us to provide drilldown on a particular event(Vline). I have gone through the documentation. But I found that the drilldown is possible from . It would be good to know weather it's feasible thru as well, Or is there any workaround for this.