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  1. Hi, I need to change on realtime line the value of attribute "dashed" for the <set> element as described in Attribute Name: dashed Type : Boolean (0/1) Description: Whether the border of this data item should appear as dashed? This is particularly useful when you want to highlight a data (such as forecast or trend etc.). This value over-rides the dataset level value. When I try to set dynamically this value to one (dashed= 1) on my .jsp this parameter does not affect the line (the line is always continuous and no dashed) E.g.: String dataParameters = "&label=11:45&value=23|43|45&dashed=1|1|1"; out.print(dataParameters ); The only attributes that work fine are the "label", "value", "toolText" and the "color" Can someone help me please ? Best Regards, Claudio V.