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  1. Hi Is there a way to add data from an xml DOM document? I have this page with four charts, where all processing the same data. To me, it would be better to do an AJAX call, receive one xml document with data for all charts, and then pick out each part and set as input to the chart, rather than doing for calls with setDataUrl(...). Or could this be done in another way? Johan
  2. FusionChartsWMode

    Thanks setTransparent(true) worked better. Where can I find the API for the javascript file?
  3. FusionChartsWMode

    Hi I'm using the js library FusionChartsWMode.js to be able to use DHTML over the charts. It works almost great... When I try to render a StackedColumn2D in WMode, it says "Invalid XML data". If I switch to the normal FusionCharts.js file it works. I load the data with setDataXml(...) Johan
  4. Solid colors

    Works, thanks...
  5. Solid colors

    Hi How can I make the colors of the bars solid and not gradient, as per default?? Johan
  6. Not able to print

    Hi Thanks, now it works. But really what is BOM characters... Johan
  7. Not able to print

    Hi What is BOM characters? I'm using swedish language. I'm using Java to render XML [b] package[/b] se.yit.tender.agent; [b] import[/b]; [b]import[/b] java.util.Map; [b]import[/b] lotus.domino.AgentBase; [b]import[/b] lotus.domino.AgentContext; [b]import[/b] lotus.domino.Database; [b]import[/b] lotus.domino.NotesException; [b]import[/b] lotus.domino.Session;[b] import[/b] se.procensor.domino.util.RequestParameter; [b]import[/b] se.yit.tender.chart.TenderStockChart; [b] public[/b] [b]class[/b] TenderStockChartAgent [b]extends[/b] AgentBase { [b] [/b] public [b]void[/b] NotesMain() { PrintWriter pw = getAgentOutput(); [b] [/b] [b] try[/b] { Session session = getSession(); AgentContext agentContext = session.getAgentContext(); Database db = agentContext.getCurrentDatabase(); TenderStockChart chart = [b]new[/b] TenderStockChart(session, db); Map parameters = RequestParameter.[i]parse[/i](agentContext, RequestParameter.[i]GET[/i]); String orgkey = (String)parameters.get("OrgKey"); int type = Integer.[i]parseInt[/i]((String)parameters.get("Type")); int chartType = Integer.[i]parseInt[/i]((String)parameters.get("ChartType")); String xml = chart.getXMLData(chartType, type, orgkey); pw.println("Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8"); pw.println("<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>"); pw.println(xml); } [b]catch[/b] (NotesException e) { pw.println("NotesException: "+e.text); } [b]catch[/b] (Exception e) { pw.println("Exception: "+e.getMessage()); } } } Johan
  8. Not able to print

    Hi I try to create a chart with the character