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  1. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    Yes, but the attribute value may be different (e.g numDivLine='10' from above example). Ken
  2. how to prevent flash from refresh

    Thank you Basundhara for your reply. However I am already using FusionChart V3.2 beta. In fact I just download your latest update today. The same problem still occurs. I did some search on web. People reported similar problem with IQuery tab on Firefox. There are some work-around involving using absolute position and different way to hide / show tab area. I use Dojo tab container widget. The above solution is not practical for me. Can you investigate more about FusionChart? Thanks again. Ken
  3. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    Thank you Shamasis. You solved my problem. Ken
  4. how to prevent flash from refresh

    Futher to my previous posting, the refresh/reloading behavior only happens in Firefox (not with IE)
  5. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    With v3.2 I some time got the following error and have hard time figure out why: 'FusionCharts.render.IECompatibility() Chart Id is same as a JavaScript variable name in window scope. This causes errors with Internet Explorer.' It happens in both IE and Firefox. It didn't exist in v3.1. Can you point where I should look? Thanks Ken
  6. I have tab widget on my html page. Each tab page have a fusionChart and some tabulated data. The tab widget has property of 'refresh=false' which means only first time a tab is clicked, data will be retrieved from server and fusionchart displayed using setDataURL. Any subsequent click on that tab will only show the data already fetched before (no server access again). However fusionchart will still retrieve data again through setDataURL. How to prevent flash from this behaviour? Thanks! Ken
  7. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    First of all, I like what I saw with V3.2. I mainly focused on testing your html5 fallback with my existing software. Some of the problems I had so far: 1. Scollable charts (e.g ScrollCombi2D.swf) are not working. 2. If any attributes is duplicated, display would fail. (e.g. just try to duplicate numDivLines='3' in your demo and you will see 'No data to display' Ken (Blinco Systems Inc.)
  8. In 2D area chart with multi-series, some of area is overlapped with the last series on top. Is any way I can bring up a series originally behind? Thank you.
  9. scroll chart for single series

    Thanks. It worked.
  10. I notice scroll chart is used only for multi-series. In my application, I often have a single series with many many points. e.g show daily position for last 2 years in column/line chart. Without a scroll bar, such chart would be too crowded. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. Ken