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  1. Hi! I'm have created multilevel linkedchart. Something quite similar to this. I've got that working but now I want to display more information as I am drilling down. Using the provided example, say I drill down on Year 2004, it will show me the quartley breakdown of 2004 in my child chart but now I want to show another grid/table that shows more relevant information related with year 2004. Maybe something like a table of top 10 sales people and their deparment information. And if you go back and drill down on 2005, the grid will change to 2005's information. I thought a way of doing this while keeping everything on one page and have the chart displaying in one frame was to have hidden variable or manually set the child chart ids that I can use to fetch the other relevant information inside the chart property for each child chart. I was wondering if there is away of putting hidden variables in the chart that I can access or setting the id of the child chart? Thank you