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  1. Here is an image of the problem I am seeing. Thanks again Brice Gibson example.bmp
  2. Hi - Am I missing something here? Using the following xml, when I change the chart size in the HTML the rectangle and lines do not resize correctly. I can turn off auto size for the annotations but then the annotations are positioned incorrectly. I have an angular chart that I want small in some instances and larger in others. The text scales fine but I don't see any direct controls for autoscaling lines or rectangles. The html I am using for demo purposes has the chart at: FusionCharts("AngularGauge.swf", "test2", "348", "228", "0", "0") for the first instance then, FusionCharts("AngularGauge.swf", "test3", "290", "190", "0", "0") for the second (this is the original size) Thank you. Okay, apparently I don't know how to include the HTML and XML code inline correctly, so I have attached it. aua.html.txt aua.xml.txt