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  1. Resize PDF

    When I export as a PDF, the chart always take up the entire page which looks really bad. Would it be possible to have the chart show up on the PDF the same size as it appears on the webpage? Thanks, Brian
  2. I am using the California county map and only have data for approximately half of the counties. The ToolText for counties with data contains the county name and the data value. However, when I have no data, the tooltip still appears with no text inside it. Would it be possible to have the tooltip only appear for counties where I have data and a specified ToolText? Thanks, Brian
  3. Highlight Column OnMouseOver

    Is it possible to highlight a 2D column when the mouse is over the column? It would be nice is it worked something like a Fusion Map. When the user brings the mouse over a particular region, the region becomes golden. Thank you, Brian
  4. I am using negative margin values to zoom in on my map. I would like to do the following: I have a 300 by 400 map. I would like to remove 25% off the right hand side, 20% off the left hand side, 10% off the top, and 5% off the bottom. What should I set the margins to? Can you give me a detailed example of these calculations?
  5. Is there any way to get the color range along with the selected value of a pointer in a linear gauge?
  6. get color range from linear gauge

    I'd prefer not to. Let's just say that I have a rather sophisticated PHP program using MySQL queries to calculate the color ranges. I don't want to have to replicate the logic in JavaScript.
  7. Zoom in on region in map

    Is there a way to zoom in on a particular region in a map? I am only going to assign data points to five counties in California and I would like to map to focus only on these 5 regions.
  8. get color range from linear gauge

    Is there a better way to do this? I write the logic for the chart in PHP. I would have to write the logic for getting the color range in JavaScript. I change the logic around quite a bit. It is not the best idea to constantly update parallel logic in both PH and JavaScript.
  9. Zoom in on region in map

    Why would I drill down to state level map if I am already on the California map?
  10. Zoom in on region in map

    Wow, that works really well. Thanks for helping me out. Do you know if it's possible to get the coordinates for different counties in a state. I am currently working with a map of California.
  11. I have the following gauge which contains the years from 2002 to 2008. Currently, you have thousands of decimals options to select between the years. Is there a way to make it so that the pointer can only be put on color range midpoints (ie 2002.5, 2003.5 etc)? Linear Gauge XML.txt
  12. Discrete points on linear gauge

    beautiful, works amazingly.
  13. Zoom in on region in map

    but zoom in does not mean zoom in on the map?
  14. Zoom in on region in map

    so what did you mean by zoom in?
  15. Zoom in on region in map

    I thought you just said that I can't zoom in on the map? can I or can't I?
  16. Is it possible to reverse the scale on a linear gauge so that it increases from right to left instead of left to right?
  17. is there a way to decrease the padding around a linear gauge in the flash movie?
  18. Zoom in on region in map

    What were you telling me before about drill-down?
  19. get color range from linear gauge

    The JavaScript API includes methods for getting the value of a pointer. Is it also possible to use JavaScript to find which ColorRange it is located in?
  20. Please add a zoom feature

    I thought it was coming out in 2009.
  21. Zoom in on region in map

    I don't think that's what I am looking for. I want to zoom in on a particular part of the map. I don't need JavaScript popups.
  22. Please add a zoom feature

    Is v4 released yet?
  23. SY axis scaling

    Hi, I use several chart with 2 y-axes. It is very difficult to get the scaling to work nicely. In fact, it is almost impossible to get whole number y-axis labels on both sides. Would it be possible to have the 2nd y axes labels not necessarily positioned at the grid lines, but instead placed so that the 2nd y labels cleanly divide the axis and there are no jagged numbers? Thanks, Brian
  24. SY axis scaling

    I understand that 1244 is a more convenient value to choose for the second Y axis maximum. However, the data from these charts are automatically generated on the from a database and there are millions of combinations. I have an algorithm to pick convenient max/min values for the primary y-axis but I don't have one that picks convenient ones for the 2nd y-axis to mesh well with the first. If I do not specify SyAxisMinValue and SyAxisMaxValue, the default SY max/min values generally not well chosen. Do you have an algorithm for choosing convenient values for SYacis max and min based on the data? It may be necessary to allow the SY axis labels to not tied to the gridlines. Many other graphing software allows for this and this problem is avoided. Thanks, Brian