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  1. How To Set Border Color For Stacked Bar

    Hi, this is the XML: <chart caption='' xAxisName='' yAxisName='Amount' decimals='0' forceDecimals='1' yAxisValuesStep='2' showValues='0' bgAlpha='0' exportEnabled='1' yAxisMaxValue='10000' numDivLines='4' yAxisValueDecimals='0' yAxisMinValue='0' showLegend='0' formatNumberScale='0' bgcolor='ffffff' palette='1' decimalSeparator='.' showBorder='0' defaultAnimation='1' adjustDiv='0' plotGradientColor=''><categories><category label='Test1' /><category label='Test2' /><category label='Test3' /><category label='Test4' /><category label='Test5' /></categories><trendlines /><dataset seriesName='Amount' color='c1d8ed' plotBorderColor='6d9fd3'><set value='8480' /><set value='4719' /><set value='1213.8' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Test' color='e49090' plotBorderColor='d56761'><set value='242' /><set value='0' /><set value='0' /><set value='1071' /><set value='0' /></dataset></chart> Thanks.
  2. For Stacked Bar 2D Chart, I tried to set border color for each dataset by assigning color code to "plotBorderColor". However, the border color doesn't change. Defining "plotBorderColor" for chart level willl change the border color for all (stacked) columns with the same color, which is not desired. How could I make the border color set accordingly for each of the dataset? Is that possible? Thanks.
  3. How To Set Solid Color For Angular Gauge, Funnel

    I found the answer already:-) To remove the gradient effect: For gauge, we can set attribute gaugefillmix=''. For some of the single series, multi series, stacked columns charts, we may set attribute plotGradientColor='' For funnel, I'm not sure yet....
  4. Hi, it seems like gradient color is defaulted to chart like angular gauge, funnel, multiseries column 2D. Could anyone tell me what XML attribute that I should set in order to make the solid color for all these chart? Different chart type has its own XML attribute to get rid of the gradient? Thanks.