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  1. Hi, i referred below forum link and tried to display the image, http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/2227-tooltip-html/ I am able to display the image, PFA xml that i have attached using 'displayvalue' tag i appended img HTML tag and tried to render it in flash mode able to render the image properly. But i appended the img tag inside a (anchor) tag, because when i click on the image i want to open another page. But the whole image is not clickable, i mean the whole image is not looking hyperlink a particular area only i am able to click on the image and its opening that url with new page. i tried so many ways pls suggest any solution. i am using version fusioncharts/3.3.1-sr2.19840 and trying to render Flash mode.chartxml.txt Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Using annotation how to render a image, I have gone through the below url but i didnt understand how to set the URL attribute http://kb.fusioncharts.com/questions/195/What+is+image+annotation+in+FusionWidgets+and+how+can+I+customize+it%3F its mentioned "The URL of the image to be used as annotation. It should be in the same domain as the chart." same domain means i didnt get, i need to take the image from my project folder. how can i apply that image here? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I need to show a icon along with each bar or each label, i am displaying horizontal bar graph, when click on that icon it will open up another page. Rendering the chart using javascript render mode. Version is fusioncharts/3.3.1-sr2.19840 Can anyone please confirm. Does fusion chart support this feature? is any work around there? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Issue is resolved. problem is in my style only. thanks for you response.
  5. Hi, Attached the chart xml when try to render that chart in IE9 with javascript render mode.facing issue. the font size and color is changed please check IE9 attached image, same xml try to render in javascript mode in IE8 getting proper font color and size.please check IE8 attached image. its really an urgent issue. please suggest. chartxml.txt IE8.bmp IE9.bmp
  6. Hi, There are some special characters that we need to handle like '&', "<",">"etc.. Is there is any way to encode and decode the special characters other then this http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/advanced/special-chars/SpPunctuation.html because there is so many special symbols in word documents in my case the datas will be taken from word doc and will display as graph, i handled apostrophe like this in my code for eg: replace("'","'") and other few symbols that mentioned in above reference link.that is working fine. But if you check there are some different quote symbols in word doc, like Left single quote, right single quote at all. For few scenarios the symbols are not showing properly, so, please Suggest is there anyway like encoding and decoding something like that. And for japanese characters , i will be doing only below code is that correct? <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" pageEncoding="UTF-8" %> Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, i have recently upgraded to Fusioncharts 3.3.1 Sr2 version. and i am changing the flash mode to javascript render mode. I have done the changes like added the line FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); In chrome and firefox its rendering properly but in Ie7 and 8 getting error as "Invalid data". always. cleared the browser cache and tested then also facing same issue. its showing "Invalid data" only checked the chartxml its fine only and the same thing is rendering in flash mode properly. What will be the issue? Please suggest any solution. Thanks in advance.
  8. Javascript mode render issue

    Hi Thanks for the response, I am using internet Explorer and able to replicate the issue. One more issue is like chart is not at all rendering its showing invalid data always and the chart xml is attached its working fine in flash mode only in js mode causing the issue. Please find the attached. i am using version Fusion 3.3.1 sr2 recently only upgraded to this version. actually this things are working fine in flash mode but now we are changing to javascript mode. for that i have just added 2 changes only. 1) FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); 2) changed the setDataxml to setXMLData Thanks in advance. chartIssue.txt
  9. Javascript mode render issue

    Hi i have marked the use, When i tried to render the chart with long label as for eg: "High quality & dividend{br} yield" i am breaking the long label with adding "{br}" using this when i try to render its moving up like that snapshot i attached. and also the number is ovelapping with bar i have marked that also in attached snapshot. Its really urgent, i am not able to find this issue. please help. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi i am using javascript mode to render the chart, Attached the final chart xml that i am setting in "setXMLData". But i am not getting proper look and feel of chart samething is working fine in flash mode. But in javascript mode its not rendering properly,the upfront number displaying in chart is overlapping to bar and labels are also not proper. Is any of the style or attribute that is not supporting js mode? because flash mode its working fine. its really urgent to solve this issue. Please help. Thanks in advance. chartxml.txt
  11. Hi, Is it any way to display the number always outside the column. if the space is not enough its displaying inside the column. I want to display the number always outside. Thanks in advance.
  12. My chart is not rendering, nor is it showing an error message. I am using fusion chart version 3.2.1 <div id="divtoRender" align="center">Chart cannot be plotted</div> When the chart renders nothing happens, no error message, no chart. It simply shows "Chart cannot be plotted" which is the text i added in div, but my checked the chart xml that is framing properly. Any idea what the issue could be?
  13. Exclamatory image in chart

    Hi, i am intermittenly getting this image while rendering chart. there are four chart i am rendering in one page. But using javascript rendering i am facing this issue. I checked the chart xml at all that is framing properly. and my chart xmlchartxml.txt Its really urgent to solve this issue. Please help me to resolve the issue Thanks in advance.
  14. Exclamatory image in chart

    Hi, Below the link that i referred and able to achieve the hyperlink feature for data label, http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/9803-y-axis-labels-as-hyperlinks-possible/ But when i change the rendering mode as Javascript rendering mode its breaking. I am not able to show the label as hyperlink.Instead its displaying the whole href content as label. Using javascript rendering mode what are the other features will break? like styles, font chart color etc.. Please suggest.CategoryLink.txt
  15. Exclamatory image in chart

    Hi, Thanks for the solution i am able to render 3D bar chart now. I am facing one more issue like..i want to make the label as hyperlink. when i try to render the same in flash mode i am able to render the label with hyperlink. But i changed it to javascript rendering mode added the line "FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript');" the label is not hyperlink .CategoryLink.txt Its really urgent please help me.