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  1. Is there a Multi-Series 3D Stacked Column chart or a way the regular 3D Stacked Column chart could be used to display multiple stacked data groups? I like the Multi-Series 2D Stacked Column chart but would also like a 3D chart.
  2. using the SSGrid.swf

    I did find an example there that use the <set label=' ',value=' '/> pairs for the XML, but I'm stuck on adding more than 2 columns/dataitems to the datagrid for each data row, if it's even possible.
  3. using the SSGrid.swf

    I am looking for how to write the data XML (not just the attributes of the chart but how I would populate the data rows) for using the Single Series Grid chart - SSGrid.swf with several columns of detail data. I would like to have a link on a section of a Pie chart that would post detail records from that section to a scrollable data grid on another part of the page.