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  1. Thanx for you help. Now im searching best software to make prestentation more acractive. @ the moment im preparing SLA (serwice Lewel agreement) in 2 wersion: Prewious one ( i mean copy the charts to PP ) and with you software. If i make a good filling with animated charts i will buy the full version. How ever on this point im very imprest about the support and features of fiusion charts. Thanx again
  2. ok Could somebody help me with this?? i got 2 Column3D.swf charts in the folder january09 and xml data in january09/1 and they work perfectly but i try to add FCF_MSLine.swf charts but it dont want to work at all. this is the code in the data.xml:i remowed the <> sign because code wasn't shown on post graph caption="Daily Visits" subcaption="(from 8/6/2006 to 8/12/2006)" hovercapbg="FFECAA" hovercapborder="F47E00" formatNumberScale="0" decimalPrecision="0" showvalues="0" numdivlines="3" numVdivlines="0" yaxisminvalue="1000" yaxismaxvalue="1800" rotateNames="1" - categories category name="8/6/2006"/> category name="8/7/2006"/> category name="8/8/2006"/> category name="8/9/2006"/> category name="8/10/2006"/> category name="8/11/2006"/> category name="8/12/2006"/> /categories> dataset seriesName="Offline Marketing" color="1D8BD1" anchorBorderColor="1D8BD1" anchorBgColor="1D8BD1"> set value="1327"/> set value="1826"/> set value="1699"/> set value="1511"/> set value="1904"/> set value="1957"/> set value="1296"/> /dataset> dataset seriesName="Search" color="F1683C" anchorBorderColor="F1683C" anchorBgColor="F1683C"> set value="2042"/> set value="3210"/> set value="2994"/> set value="3115"/> set value="2844"/> set value="3576"/> set value="1862"/> /dataset> dataset seriesName="Paid Search" color="2AD62A" anchorBorderColor="2AD62A" anchorBgColor="2AD62A"> set value="850"/> set value="1010"/> set value="1116"/> set value="1234"/> set value="1210"/> set value="1054"/> set value="802"/> /dataset> dataset seriesName="From Mail" color="DBDC25" anchorBorderColor="DBDC25" anchorBgColor="DBDC25"> set value="541"/> set value="781"/> set value="920"/> set value="754"/> set value="840"/> set value="893"/> set value="451"/> /dataset> /graph> And i only get the note "No data to display" Anyone knows what i did wrong??
  3. When i start to write second post you answered before i finnish my post. Basically You give me a perfect axample. i only change the xml name and put it in to c:1 folder and it works. Whats is mo important i can use that SWF file many times in one presentation with a different data XML. Haw ever i got only one problem: do i have to every time before i start a presentation chage Nu frame to 0 and play to true?? is any way exists to make that two parameters constantly for walue 0 and true?? Second problem: If i will copy that presentation to flash disk or CD is it will work?? or i should do something to make it work?? BIG THANKS !!!
  4. :D:D:D It's WORKING !!! Thanks guys .!!!!!!:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:
  5. Ok every time when i open the properietes situation look's like this: Then i change the settings fot this: And its play corectly. The problem is the i need show 4 slides with the Column3D.swf on each slide, but each of them needs to have diferent XML file. What i know the charts working perfectly if the data.xml is in the same folder but when i change name for data1.xml chart don work, the same situation is when i try to move data.xml to difrent folder and in the properietes Column3D.swf i write location of this XML (?DataURL=file:///C:/1/data1.xml) its dont work. So lets say the i got 1 Column3D.swf in the first slide (powerpoint 2003) and on second slide i got the same file. to the first one XML file will have name label.xml and to second one label1.xml. what shoul i do to force this first one to take data from label.xml and second Column3D.swf to take data from label1.xml.
  6. Thanks for that. But how can i make separate files data.xml in the same folder or how to force SWF file to searh xml file in a diferent folder or run the chart with the diferent name of xml file. I try this Movie="file:///C:/Column3D.swf?DataURL=file:///C:/1/data1.xml but it dont work at all.
  7. I would like to make PP schow and i got a problem. How to insert in to Powerpoint 4 MSColumn3D chart with diferent XML data is it possible at all?? Help please.