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  1. MS Spline Area chart color problems

    That's quite the workaround for the problem, but I suppose that would work. Thanks. I was really just hoping for a way to just make it use the colors that I tell it to instead of determining what it best for me. Perhaps this would be a setting that could be added in a future version of the chart?
  2. MS Spline Area chart color problems

    Thanks for the suggestions but neither of those seemed to help my issue. No matter what I do, adding a third <dataset>item alters the colors of the other two <dataset>'s. Below is my entire XML sheet, please help if you can! I tried to post the XML code, but the forum kept throwing .NET failure errors and the it would actually render my XML nodes as HTML tags on the forum. Please look into this! I'm already a bit frustrated with your product, plus the fact that support is on a forum, then add to it that I can't even report my issues properly without encountering errors. I actually had to MANUALLY html encode all the ">" and "<" symbols because this forum cannot do it properly without bombing out! And no, using the [ code ] tags did not help.[/color]
  3. I'm using the Multi-Series Spline Area chart in several places, and initially had just two datasets each with their own color. I just realized that one one of the charts I could add a third dataset with a new color, but once I do this it seems to alter the colors of the other datasets! See the attached image to get a better idea of what I mean. The image shows the same chart twice; once with 2 datasets and again with 3 datasets. Notice how much lighter the red and green areas are. The only reason this is an issue is that I will be displaying 2 charts near each other with different numbers of datasets - and this "bug" makes it look like the colors do not match. In case you want to do any tests, the colors used are:78bcbb, ed6161, and 862b2b
  4. Ah yes, that does help for the number scaling issue - but still strange that the default would change between versions of the chart. But since this doesn't correct the issue of the text being too bold, I think I'll still have to stick with the older version of the chart for now. Thanks for the help.
  5. We just upgraded to the 3.1 version of the charts, and I noticed some minor rendering issue. It's not a huge bug, but its enough to keep us using the older version of this chart in particular. Without changing any XML at all, the slanted labels on the X-axis now has a much bolder text. I assume this is due to some strange anti-aliasing issue within Flash. Also, when we don't receive data from a webservice, we instead fill in all 0's for the chart so it looks less broken. Before this worked fine and the Y-axis would show a 0-100 scale. Now with the new version when there's no data it shows a 0.0-0.1 scale which looks ridiculous. I've attached a screenshot. The text boldness is subtle yet annoying, but the number scaling is more obvious. Below is the XML I'm using:
  6. Can I change the error message?

    Yes that works, thank you!
  7. Sometimes our web services that return XML data to these charts time out (which we hope to improve soon...) When this happens it shows the charts default "Error in loading chart data" message on the chart. Is there any way we can customize this text? I found that we can customize the other messages about loading, etc here: but nothing about the error messages. Thanks, any help is appreciated!