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  1. I have figured out how to set the min/max on the y-axis. How do I do this for the x-axis? Thank you!
  2. Setting The Scale On X-Axis

    Thanks for trying, Rahul! I have gotten pretty close to something that might work. That said, is there a way to denote what a bubble is with a text label? When I try to add a text based data field, it adds a z-axis. I'd just like a way to mouse over and indicate what topic someone is looking at. Thanks again for your help! Cristin
  3. Setting The Scale On X-Axis

    Hi Rahul- I'm new to Collabion, so am sending the mock-up I did in Excel (which I'm targetting to recreate when we move to Sharepoint as a datasource), just to make sure I have all my bases covered: Dummy Data: Data in Excel used to create the excel template Sample Chart: The heatmap I created in Excel using the data above, which I'm trying to recreate in Collabion/Sharepoint as closely as possible Sample SP List: I put together a mock list with the attached mock entry (there are two total) Sample Chart from Sharepoint: I've entered two placeholders by which I'm creating my heatmap- this is what I have so far. To gain perspective, I'm trying to present a visual of where the impact/likelihood aligns on the 0-10 scale. I hope that all makes sense? Thanks, Cristin
  4. Setting The Scale On X-Axis

    I'm working on creating a heat map (likelihood vs. impact) using a scatter/bubble chart. While I can set the range of the y-axis to support a 0-10.00 range (10.00 being highest likelihood), I wanted to be able to represent 0-10.00 on the x-axis as well for the visual of highest impact. Hope that makes sense.