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  1. Hi, I've got link to the (not sure if I can post the original with url parameter one due to security) in the license email, when i click it, I get redirected to FC Online Store with the message: File to download: FusionCharts Enterprise Your link has expired. Can I receive new download link? I can post here order number if needed.
  2. Hello, Need help with the upgrade process from to 3.3.1 version. Our company bought an enterprise license and we are currently using FusionCharts.dll as a License key, dll version is All charts and widgets for that version are working correct. However when I updated to the latest 3.3.1 FusionWidgets (downloaded from public trial) I got the FusionWidgets Trial message box rendered at the top left of every FusionWidget. How to get new license FusionCharts.dll for 3.3.1 version? Please provide necessary steps to get registered 3.3.1 version. Thank you.