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  1. Mahesh, You might want to try setDataForId(dialId, value) method instead as if you are making a clock it will have more than one dial. Give your dial an id and use that as dialId argument when you call setDataForId. I do not think that it is necessary to set value to 0 for the first time. You can achieve the same by setting your xml value attribute if you wanted.
  2. We are using 3.0 enterprise version of fusion widgets. There is a context menu item
  3. I have also noticed firefox crashing when clickingon stop update. My environment is Browser: Firefox 3.0 Flash player :10 Fusion widgets: 3.0
  4. I am not able to insert the xml code here. But one thing I wanted to mention is that my gauge is a real time gauge if that makes any difference. I am successfully able to set showRTMenuItem="0" and that does cause the real time menu items like "stop update" to disappear. Can somebody from the fusion charts team show some pointers.
  5. Setting showPrintMenuItem="0" attribute on the chart element did not work for me. I am trying to hide the "Print Chart" context menu item for an angular gauge. I am using 3.0 version of fusion widgets. Is there something missing from the documentation for v3.0 ?