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  1. Im having an issue where the width and height of the flash movie is larger by about 2000 after render is called. Using the flash example of MyFirstChart. I put a trace of this._width after new Column2DCHart call. it shows 485. Which is right based on the chart size of 450. Then put a trace after the render. the width is now 2485. Why does this happen and how do I stop it. I need the height and width of the movie so I can position things.
  2. I know how to change the chart message by adding ChartNoDataText after the call to the swf file. How do you change with actionscript from a flash impementation?
  3. Im using fusioncharts in flash. Im loading an xml file based on a click event from one chart. It then updates another chart based on the values clicked. After the onload of the xml returns success I do chart.remove; chart.reInit; chart.setXMLData(xml); chart.render; The chart re draws but the data is appended to the previous data and the titles are layered on top of each other. How can I reset the data loaded by the xml in between each new call?
  4. Chart not displayed in firefox.

    I too have this problem. The charts do not display in firefox but work in all other browsers. I do have other javascript frameworks on the page.
  5. Im having a similar issue with fusion charts. I have a series of tabs that contain the charts and other data. One tab has a drill down chart that works fine on initial display. If I switch tabs and come back then the drill down no longer works. The labels on the columns dissappear as well execpt for one column( the first). This is the only column that will allow drill down all the others do not work. It happens in IE7 but not on my MAC safari or google chrome. Any ideas or workarounds?