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  1. No data message with PHP class

    Yes, that helps. I suppose there is no way to display the chart message and also display the caption as well?
  2. I currently am using the php class to render my fusion chartl ... $chart->setSWFPath("/FusionCharts/"); $strParam="caption=something;xAxisName=Days;enableSmartLabels=0; showvalues=0; formatNumberScale=0;"; $chart->setChartParams($strParam); return $chart->renderChart(0,0); I would like to change the default message: "No data to display" to something more specific when there is no data. How do I do this using the PHP class? Thanks
  3. Transparent Background

    ok, your answer didn't quite fix it but got me snooping around the data objects used to control the chart settings and my orginal code (first post in thread) ***was correct but I was following some bad information given in the docs. reads as "wmode" all lowercase when in fact "wMode" is correct. I changed that and all works as expected. So, there may not be any bug with Fusion Chart, just a typo in the documentation. Thank you.
  4. Transparent Background

    I tried your code. I'm sorry to report it doesn't work. The chart still has a white box around it, blocking out the color of it's parent element.
  5. I can't for the life of me figure out how to achieve a transparent background with fusion charts XT using the jquery plugin [@version fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr3.5347] here's my code: $('#myChart').insertFusionCharts({ type:"Pie2D", renderer: "flash", width: "30", height: "30", id: 'p-', dataFormat: "json", wmode: 'transparent', dataSource: { chart: { pieRadius: 15, bgAlpha: 0, animation:0, showShadow:0, enableRotation:1, showLegend:0, showLabels:0, showValues:0, showToolTip:0, dataLabels: 0, showBorder:0, enableSmartLabels:0 }, data: [ {value:, color:'#009000'}, {value: 100 - parseInt(, color:'#900000'} ] } }); I've tried setting bgAlpha equal to '0,0' , but that doesn't work either. Thanks.