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  1. Add some text in fusionchart

    Can I add the some text in bottom of the fusion charts,Please find the attachment. Thank you
  2. Nothing happens after the capturing (Export)

    Thanks Your reply really worked for me, with a minor alteration Since i am using the charts with in portlets the context path also has to be given where 'charts' is my context path of the portlet.
  3. Hi i am using fusion charts v3.0 I have placed the appropriate(fs) jsps in /jsp directory of my web application. i have modified the I too have included the in the classes folder of the web application. i have added the following attributes to my fs chart's xml. I have also added the js function for exporting. the capturing occurs but nothing happes after that. I found a java script error in FusionChartsExportComponent.js
  4. hi is fusioncharts version (v3.1) supports jdk 1.5 for server-side image exporting? because, i got the following errors java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file And i have used the following properties file FusionCharts Server-side Export Handler - JSP ============================================== For exporting the chart as image/pdf at server side using JSP, copy-paste the required files to your server: 1. FCExporter.jsp 2. FCExporterError.jsp 3. fcexporter.jar (contains all the dependency classes) or class files (classes in com.fusioncharts.exporter and sub-packages) 4. Resources/FCExporter_IMG.jsp 5. Resources/FCExporter_PDF.jsp 6. /Classes/ (configuration files) Setup ----- Please place the JSP in your web application, fcexporter.jar in WEB-INF/lib and in WEB-INF/classes folder. FusionCharts Exporter has been tested with Java 6. The exportHandler attribute should have value "{Path}/FCExporter.jsp". Configuration of save folder for server-side save -------------------------------------------------- This is to be done in file. Make sure that the folder path that you specify has write permissions to it. Thanks
  5. Decrease the amount of decimals in the pie chart

    Thanks friend. Now its working fine.
  6. Decrease the amount of decimals in the pie chart

    I have set the following attribute in charts tag. But my problem is not solved. Is there any way to solve this problem?. <chart $imageURL caption='$caption' formatNumber='0' formatNumberScale='0' decimals='2' forceDecimals='1' bgColor='CADCE6,F0F0F0' bgAngle='270' bgAlpha='100,0' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportHandler='$instanceName'>
  7. Please check the above image. If we move the mouse in wireless part it shows the percentage like Wireless,99.1275258803852%. I want to show only two decimal. How to do this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Display X-axis value fully.

    Is it possible to display xaxis first value full name in this chart (ScrollLine2D.swf)?. see the above attachment.
  9. Display X-axis value fully.

    I have used ScrollLine2D.swf. This problem is occured only the scroll bar is appear in the chart.
  10. Display X-axis value fully.

    Fusion chart 3.1v I have used labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' in <chart>. I cant see the x-axis first element fully. How to fix this issue. Please find the attachment.
  11. fusion chart 3.1v. If we right click the chart in this version we have option to take printout and save chart as images. But I need to execute this two operation through java script.[ For example I have provided two button in right hand side using this button we have to take print and save chat]. IS it possible in this version?. If it is, please give some sample script code. THANKYOU.
  12. Auto adjust and decrease the width between values.

    Hi Rahul. Thankyou verymuch for your imediate reply.
  13. Hi I am using the Fusion charts v3.1. I have two issues: 1 ) I need the chart's x-axis lables to adjust automatically... Is there any option to auto adjust?. 2 ) How to decrease the width between the x-axis values in the charts. Please give your reply. It will very use full for me..
  14. Hi I am using the Fusion charts v3.1. I have try the Drill Down charts example "JavaScript functions as links" from the following link I am unable to get the result alert message from the example. I have tested the example in the follwoing browser IE -7.0.5730.11, Firefox - 1.0.6 Is any other configuration needed for "Javascript funtions as link" Please give your suggestion for this issue.
  15. javascript problem

    Hi, i have using the fusionchart.js for printing ,save as image .but i got javascript error in IE7. Error: ojects or methods doesn't support this property. regards, sahayaraj