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  1. I switched away from FC to HighCharts web-charting several years ago as FC could not plot directly from .CSV (an essential requirement) But we are interested in the rel. straightforward) Server Side Export features of FC) I have too much sunk cost in HC to switch back charting completely to FC, but do you have any examples of combining FC Export Server with HighCharts/Maps to autoproduce .PDF, .JPG (or other format) versions of HighCharts & HighMaps rendered on a webpage. If I recall, FC just required a few extra lines of js/chart code on the client side to enable sever-side export - could such a system work with HighCharts chart code ? Any working examples of combining HighCharts on client side with FC Chart export on the Server Side ?
  2. NB This post was originally posted in wrong forum: FusionCharts and ASP Chart <object name> = new Chart (chartType, chartId, chartWidth, chartHeight, dataFormat, dataSource, bgColor, bgOpacity) The dataFormat constructor parameters mentions .CSV as an available format for chart data - see: Are there any working code examples of referencing an external .CSV data file as the data source under wrapper ? If so, can the .CSV data file then be updated/overwritten with another .CSV file (data extended by 1 period) without having to formally re-render the chart ?) Most kind PS I cannot see any other way to generate Fusion Charts from .CSV data files - is it only available under wrapper ?
  3. Wondered if there was any update to this answer into Spring 2016 ? ie any way to generate Fusion Charts directly from .CSV data files without having to (manually) convert into XML format ?
  4. OK thanks In the meantime, can you confirm that producing a Fusion XT chart from a (standard format) .CSV file is actually possible under ?..or is this maybe an error in the FC documentation ?
  5. Does this new method of providing the data for a chart require the HTML table to be actually specified in the HTML code above where the Chart is rendered ? Or can the HTML table simply pre-exist at an external location ? In which case, how would this external HMTL table data source be referenced in the code ?
  6. Thanks - Yes I realise this & have already read this link But can an external .html file (the data table) be referenced via a URL as the chart data source for the convertToFusionCharts method ? Or does the HTML table have to be coded into the HTML page itself (above where the chart renders) for this method to work ? If the former, any example coding of how exactly to reference the .HTML table data file ? Most kind
  7. FC XT v 3.7.1 Chart <object name> = new Chart (chartType, chartId, chartWidth, chartHeight, dataFormat, dataSource, bgColor, bgOpacity) The dataFormat constructor parameters mentions .CSV as an available format for chart data see: (I cannot any other ways to generate Fusion Charts from .CSV data files - is it only available under wrapper ?) Are there any working code examples of referencing an external .CSV data file as the data source under wrapper ? If so, can the .CSV data file then be updated/overwritten with another (extended data) .CSV file without having to formally re-render the chart ?) Most kind
  8. I adapted your SaveExample.html & SaveData.xml example (see both attached as .txt and .xml respectively) by changing paths and referencing my PHP Export Handler (see FCExporter.txt) to export Chart to PDF after rendering in browser (IE 6) Chart renders OK in IE6 but javascript Callback handler doesnt display any alert and no .PDF appears in the /AninGIF/GNU/ subdir on my linux server host (where CHMOD = 777) When I view FCExporter.php directly in IE6 I get the following: DOOMId= height=0 width=0 fileName= statusMessage= Insufficient data. statusCode=0 This appears to be a FCExporter.php error in first instace but I can't see any obvious errors/ommisions in the php/other code; can anyone assist ? FCExporter.txt SaveExample_html.txt SaveData.xml
  9. http://www.fusioncha...s/JS/Index.html 1. HOW COULD THE CLIENT-SIDE XML DATA UPDATE CODE IN YOUR AJAX EXAMPLE BE ADAPTED TO SHOW A PSEUDO TIME SERIES ANIMATION ACROSS QUARTERS ? That is, to display successively for all 4 products A-D : View1 - Just Quarter 1 data is plotted (but X-axis shows Quarter1-Quarter4) View2 - Just Quarter 1+2 data is plotted (but X-axis shows Quarter1-Quarter4) View3 - Just Quarter 1+2+3 data is plotted (but X-axis shows Quarter1-Quarter4) View4 - Quarter 1+2+3+4 data is plotted (but X-axis shows Quarter1-Quarter4) Such a "psuedo-animation" of time series data over successive Quarters should presumably be achievable without the need for a clumsy page refresh (as would occur if setXMLUrl method was used to link to "incremental" external XML files) The (hard-coded) array data that would need to be plotted successively for each Quarter would thus look like : data[0] = new Array("Product A",659400); data[1] = new Array("Product B",546300); data[2] = new Array("Product C",657600); data[3] = new Array("Product D",436500); data[0] = new Array("Product A",659400,465400); data[1] = new Array("Product B",546300,436500); data[2] = new Array("Product C",657600,564600); data[3] = new Array("Product D",436500,765700); data[0] = new Array("Product A",659400,465400,764500); data[1] = new Array("Product B",546300,436500,546500); data[2] = new Array("Product C",657600,564600,348600); data[3] = new Array("Product D",436500,765700,453900); data[0] = new Array("Product A",659400,465400,764500,650500); data[1] = new Array("Product B",546300,436500,546500,332500); data[2] = new Array("Product C",657600,564600,348600,436600); data[3] = new Array("Product D",436500,765700,453900,326400); But how could this be implemented in your (hard-coded) example & example functions ? I did attempt to adjust the Javascript arrays and the [getSeriesXML function] to produce the above effect but to no avail. Presumably, the [getSeriesXML function] would need to "loop" around 4 times to create the required "<set value='" items for each Quarter1-4 ?? 2. CONVERTING .CSV FILES TO JAVASCRIPT ARRAYS My (complete) raw data to be plotted is in actually held in ASCII .CSV files: "Quarter","ProductA","ProductB","ProductC","ProductD" "Q1",659400,465400,764500,650500 "Q2",546300,436500,546500,332500 "Q3",657600,564600,348600,436600 "Q4",436500,765700,453900,326400 Could the JS functions in your Ajax example be adapted to convert this .CSV to Javascript arrays to produce the above required time series quasi-animation across Q1-Q4 for all 4 products A-D?
  10. FC Version: FusionCharts_v3_1_1_DEVEL_LICENSE In my .htm page I create TWO versions of same chart - a 3D and a 2D version - when these are rendered in browser they are BOTH then saved to server as .jpg as specified in the XML header: mef1_29_12_2009_14_8_35_375_US_SUMlev_2014.jpg (3D version - Proper Display Chart) mef1_29_12_2009_14_8_35_375_US_SUMlev_2014_2D.jpg (2D version - "Non-Display" Chart) I want both charts to be created as JPG but I want ONLY the 3D version chart to display in the browser ! The problem is that in order to actually produce the *_2D.jpg server-side, the 2D one must display/render also in the browser (which I want to avoid as it is a "non-display" chart )! Q. How can both Fusion Charts render but only the 3D one actually get displayed eventually in browser ? I've tried "overwriting" the DIV as in the code below but the *_2D.jpg chart doesnt get produced/saved in the overwrite ! (I've also treid changing the DIV and "var" names to no avail ) (Is there a smart way to "overwrite" the DIV without also overwriting the *_2D.jpg chart produced ! ) See code snippet from my .htm page;this only renders the 3D chart (as required) but fails to create a JPG of the the 2D chart server-side which I need to use subsequently in a download HTML hyperlink ! : Any thoughts ? Thanks <code> <div id="chart"> <div id="US_SUMlevIddiv" > US_SUMlev </div> <script language="JavaScript"> var US_SUMlevId = new FusionCharts("../Charts/MSColumnLine3D.swf", "_US_SUMlevId", "425", "305", "0", "1"); US_SUMlevId.setDataURL("../Gallery/Data/mef1_29_12_2009_14_8_35_375_US_SUMlev_2014.xml"); US_SUMlevId.render("US_SUMlevIddiv"); </script> <div id="US_SUMlev_2DIddiv" ></div> <script language="JavaScript"> var US_SUMlev_2DId = new FusionCharts("../Charts/MSCombi2D.swf", "_US_SUMlev_2DId", "425", "305", "0", "1"); US_SUMlev_2DId.setDataURL("../Gallery/Data/mef1_29_12_2009_14_8_35_375_US_SUMlev_2014_2D.xml"); US_SUMlev_2DId.render("US_SUMlev_2DIddiv"); </script> <div id="US_SUMlev_2DIddiv" ></div> <script language="JavaScript"> var US_SUMlev_2DId = new FusionCharts("../Charts/MSCombi2D.swf", "_US_SUMlev_2DId", "0", "0", "0", "1"); // US_SUMlev_2DId.setDataURL("../Gallery/Data/mef1_29_12_2009_14_8_35_375_US_SUMlev_2014_2D.xml"); US_SUMlev_2DId.render("US_SUMlev_2DIddiv"); </script> </div> </code>
  11. Tooltip on Legend

    Is there any way to permit a Tooltip on hovering mouse over Chart Legend on rendered chart ? If not, might this be forthcoming in future releases (I have Developer License) Most kind
  12. UPDATE - I have now figured out the functions in the attached index.php; I can now auto-export my chart after rendering to either .jpg or .pdf format. The only niggle is that the Chart logo is NOT appearing on the Chart saved on the Server - either jpg or pdf format - even though it DOES appear on the Rendered chart in the browser (and I have a Developer License) XML Header code for Logo: logoURL='/mef/Images/mef_pf5_tiny.jpg' Any ideas. Is it because Logo is a JPG itself ? Thanks again
  13. There was no *.html file in the zip ?! Not really sure how to extract what I need from this .zip?! I have adpated your basic Javascript Export example again from the documentation at: so Data.html now includes js function ExportMyChart() which renders fine using the example XML file adapted for my server address: but clicking button gives an error - "Object doesnt support this property or method" - see attached DATA_HTML_ERROR.JPG Your example had exportAction='download' in the .XML but shouldn't this be exportAction='save' (the ExportMyChart() still doesnt work when I change this !!) Functions still fails if I include FusionChartsExportComponent.js in Data.html (which I believe is NOT required) I have also uploaded "FCExporter.swf" in my charts dir on my server just in case; but do I need any other files uploaded to my server ? QUESTIONS: 1. Why is ExportMyChart() failing ? 2. What is correct js code to get chart to AUTOMATICALLY save to server after rendering without needing to click button and to suppress any export dialogues (I have showExportDialogue='0' in Data.xml already) and callback dialogues? To autoexport to server can I just add this line at bottom: if( chartObject.hasRendered() ) chartObject.exportChart(); to give: var myChart = new FusionCharts("/mef/Charts/Column2D.swf", 'myChart', '900', '300', '0', '1'); myChart.setDataURL('Data.xml'); myChart.render('chartContainerDiv'); if( chartObject.hasRendered() ) chartObject.exportChart(); Couldnt really test this properly as chartExport() not working in first place ! Thanks again
  14. Thanks So calling: which references: should result in NEW.pdf appearing in my /AnimGIF/GNU/ directory on my server. But no PDF (or JPG OR any chart) is appearing here automatically !!! (Is the FCExporter.php actually being invoked ) But if I right click on rendered chart I CAN manually export via the menu to NEW.pdf ! and the 'SuccesfullySaved to server' js dialogue box appears. But why isnt this chart-saving happening automatically server-side after chart renders - I have removed "www" as you suggested ?!!! Any ideas ?
  15. Most Kind What could be causing the "404 Not Found" error ? I dont seem to have Developer Toolbar on IE6 ? I presume URLs below are all you need to analyse Live version of your SaveExample chart is held at: with related XML file held at: Where exactly is the "data" saved to on my server ? (and do you mean a PDF file is saved or an XML ?) Grateful for any insight/resolution
  16. Thanks I attached all these requested files in my original post - see top post NB My editing of YOUR example template (SaveExample.html, SaveData.xml & FCExporter.php) has been minimal
  17. I'm assuming it is NOT CALLED, otherwise shouldn't I get an alert proclaiming either success or failure via the function FC_Exported(objRtn) ? But, despite thorough examination of code, I cant spot where the error is occuring as I have just changed the server path in FCExporter.php from yours to mine and the path to FusionCharts.js Is there a smart way to isolate if the non-calling is due to the XML file or the HTML code or the (edited) FCEporter.php ?
  18. Had a play around with the demo version & searched forum but still have a few intial questions: 1. Generating required XML file from flat .CSV data file - any way to do this from the (DOS) command line (with switches) rather than manually/interactively via XMLGen_1.html or on Server-side? If not, how can this conversion to XML combination chart format from flat .CSV on a server be achieved using AJAX wrapper ? I saw it mentioned in some forum articles (for PHP) but cant find any detailed examples, code snippets of such a conversion from .CSV using AJAX/JAvascript? 2. Looping Animation of dataset - Code Examples Can I adjust the SPEED of animation of the DATASET in a chart (any code samples ?) OR is this hardcoded into the particular .SWF file ? What is the most efficient way to keep repeating the animation of the (time-series) data appearance in a 2D combination chart (1 column, 5 lines) ? Id like to just reanimate the dataset with all other chart features "fixed" in situ - adjusting the speed of this (re-)animation would be helpful. Any plans to add "sequential animation" over time for time- series line:column charts as oppossed to the current "all appear together" animation mode ? 3. Multi-Chart Grid Are there any pre-specified .SWFs which show a 6 x 2 grid of 2D Column-Line combination charts on one page ? Would I have to form this myself in Flash to produce a new *.SWF or is there anything pre-configured; or can I specify this grid of charts from the XML file ? Any code examples ? 4. Tool Tip over CHART legend possible ? (ie to give longer explanation of series mnemonics listed in the legend) Required code in XML file ? Most Kind
  19. Animation Speed

    How exactly is animation speed adjusted in v3 ? Any code examples ? I tried adding in <chart defaultAnimation='0' ...> and then the code below at bottom of my XML file to no avail ! <styles> <definition> <style name='myAnim' type='animation' start='0' duration='10' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='DATAVALUES' styles='myAnim' /> </application> </styles>