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  1. fusioncharts news ?

    Hi, I use fusioncharts since 4 yers now and it's a very powerfull charting tools. But since 4 yers i never see new charts or new features asked by a lot of users, more customization on datalabels or datavalues (image, colors....) links on graph that doesnt' have ........ The only thing i see is the best compatibility with noflash devices .. Can you tell us if there's new major version in prep ? can we see new graph or new cool things on existing graphs ? i imagine fusioncharts to rest on its laurels or just make profit width existing charts? it would be interesting to give more tec news and what fusioncharts is nowadays ? thanks
  2. radar and links

    hi, in the radar charts i use the link='' feature of "set" elements and it's work fine, click on the anchor and make a javascript thing .... is ther a way to make "category" "labels" on the radar charts axes to be links like above? (it's more easy for a user to click on the label on the axis than on the anchor in the graph) i try to use style with ishtml but i cant reach to make a link like (<a href>) ... thanks
  3. hi is ther a way to hide a dataset in the csv export with context menu ? i have spline that i dont want to export to csv , the context menu export all datas ?
  4. New graph VLinearGauge

    ok thanks a lot , i try lot of thing but not that one
  5. New graph VLinearGauge

    i know we can do that my question was could we have the same thing but mirrored right ? see picture (usefull to mix multiple angulmar gauge left and right ....)
  6. It will interesting to have a VLinearGauge , exactly the same than HLinearGauge but vertical another thing is for angulargauge to have a -90,90 different than 90,-90 (to have half circle left or right .. Fusioncharts has a veryf good developper team but now , customer that follow you would be happy to have a little timeline off futurs adds to fusioncharts for new charts ........ some info on next version .. thanks for your great work
  7. Vertical linear gauge ?

    yes i try it too but what is interessant in hlineargauge is pointers end trends .., i see Vbullet too but .... thanks
  8. Hi , hlineargauge is fine , just a question , is there a way to have the same linear gauge but vertical ? like a Vlineargauge ? thanks
  9. markerToolText and AngularGauge with javascript

    thsnks for reply and for your help, i use 3.3.1-sr2.19840 no problème with flash just width javascript, if i delete "markerToolText" section , it's works in javascript XML: <chart showAboutMenuItem='0' showPrintMenuItem='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' manageResize='1' showExportDataMenuItem='1' exportDataSeparator='{tab}' exportDataMenuItemLabel='Copier vers Excel' autoAlignTickValues='1' manageValueOverlapping='0' lowerLimit='87' upperLimit='119' showLimits='0' showTickMarks='1' showTickValues='1' tickValueDecimals='0' placeTicksInside='1' placeValuesInside='1' pivotRadius='5' showGaugeBorder='0' adjustTM='0' majorTMNumber='10' minorTMNumber='0' gaugeOuterRadius='100' gaugeInnerRadius='85' gaugeStartAngle='180' gaugeEndAngle='0' tickvaluedistance='10' pivotBorderColor='FFFFFF' showborder='0' animation='1'> <colorRange> <color minValue='-200' maxValue='0' code='DCDCDC' /> <color minValue='0' maxValue='50' code='e89794' /> <color minValue='50' maxValue='100' code='FFFFFF' /> <color minValue='100' maxValue='150' code='98cb04' /> <color minValue='150' maxValue='200' code='6a8d03' /> </colorRange> <dials> <dial value='114' rearExtension='0' toolText='Magasin 114' bgColor='#3300FF' baseWidth='6' showValue='0' /> </dials> <trendpoints> <point startValue='114' endValue='114' displayValue=' ' markerToolText='toto' valueInside='0' valuePadding='2' markerColor='#3300FF' markerRadius='10' useMarker='1' radius='105' innerRadius='100' /> <point startValue='94' endValue='94' displayValue=' ' markerToolText='toto' valueInside='0' valuePadding='2' markerColor='#66CC99' markerRadius='10' useMarker='1' radius='105' innerRadius='100' /> <point startValue='92' endValue='92' displayValue=' ' markerToolText='toto' valueInside='0' valuePadding='2' markerColor='#CC00FF' markerRadius='10' useMarker='1' radius='105' innerRadius='100' /> <point startValue='93' endValue='93' displayValue=' ' markerToolText='toto' valueInside='0' valuePadding='2' markerColor='#FF3333' markerRadius='10' useMarker='1' radius='105' innerRadius='100' /> </trendpoints> </chart>
  10. I have a little problem width AngularGauge and markerToolText width javascript (works fine in flash mode) see screenshot , the only thing beetween the two graph is that i had : markerToolText='toto' in <point> markertooltext works in flash, i see the tooltext but i think it's crash angulargauge
  11. Export To Pdf

    i already try this i have an idea i'm going to test , i reach to make fcimg works on one graph so i'm going to try to generate jpg of each graph and include it in html and use wkhtmltoimage on the whole page, it's a bit more heavy solution but if it's works it could give me a solution
  12. Export To Pdf

    i try to use wkhtmltoimage , and it works but i have a litllte problem i can't reach to solve see screenshoot: - html.jpg is the screenshot off the html page with javascript fuisoncharts, and everything is good but - result.jpg is the file i have using wkhtmltoimage whith command line: wkhtmltoimage.exe --javascript-delay 2000 my.html result.jpg you can see i can't reach to have trendlines, or lines or divlines to be in the result ..... i dont understand, i try all wkhtmltoimage version on windows, on linux... on all fusioncharts graph (bar, lines, gauge ....) and i never have lines on my graph and no axis lines ...... Someone have idea ? Johann