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  1. Hi, I'm using the jquery plugin for fusion charts. Originalliy I was using the 'auto' for the renderer but the y axis name was being truncated in weird ways so I switched to the javascript 'renderer'. It seems to render ok except for the fact the line (using line.swf) doesn't show up on the graph. If I move my mouse around the data points are there because the little tooltips pop up... Like this: BUT if I resize the window (I have width set to 100% on the chart) the line does show up just fine and the charts looks correct. Like this: Anyone know why this might be happening? Here is the initialization I am doing (chart & styles objects are prebuilt elsewhere... this.$el is the jquery element I'm using). var dataSource = { chart: chart, styles: styles, data: this.collection.toJSON() }; this.$el.insertFusionCharts({ swfUrl: '/extra/FusionCharts/Line.swf', dataSource: dataSource, dataFormat: "json", width: "100%", height: "325", bgColor: "#ffffff", renderer: 'javascript' }); Thanks, Evan