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  1. Hi, this seems to fix the issue. Can you give me a production copy of the files?
  2. hi, unfortunately, auto scaling is required. Your screencast depicts the exact behavior we witnessed as well. However, it does not look ok to have it go off the screen for a second. Is there a way to fix the auto scaling problems?
  3. Hey, You have to give it time to display a few data points at first. Did you do that? You do see my screenshot, right? Also, you have to have streaming data that changes values to see the effect of it. I assumed you guys have some sort of sample that you used to test the functionality right? It is too complicated a setup for me to pass over the forum. Here's another screenshot that shows the plot going outside of the plot canvas. Also, this happens in all browsers, its a generic javascript bug that is not related to any browser.
  4. dataStream chart data set alpha

    Any updates?
  5. Any update on this? We are waiting for a solution.
  6. Based on the behavior I'm seeing, it looks like the problem has to do with the auto scaling. It seems that on the resize, it doesn't include the previous data points that have already been rendered when doing the auto scaling.
  7. Hi, We are setting chart dimensions with pixels. However, I just tested using 100% and setting the size of the containing div and it behaved the same way. I am changing dimensions using FusionCharts(x).resizeTo(x,y)
  8. You should be able to see the image in my previous post.
  9. Hi, Is it possible to set the background color of the legend? It seems that it is always white no matter what and does not work well when I use a black background. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <graph divLineThickness="4" anchorAlpha="0" plotGradientColor="" plotBorderColor="e88622" alternateVGridColor="0f0f0f" alternateHGridColor="0f0f0f" plotFillAlpha="100" plotFillColor="e88622" canvasPadding="0" lineDashed="0" useRoundEdges="0" rotateValues="1" showValues="0" canvasBgColor="0f0f0f" rotateLabels="1" showPlotBorder="1" xaxisname="Month" yaxisname="Sales" bgAlpha="100" imageSaveURL="rdTemplate/rdAnimatedChart/FCExporter.aspx" imageSave="1" toolTipBgColor="0f0f0f" showBorder="0" chartBottomMargin="" chartTopMargin="" chartRightMargin="" chartLeftMargin="" numberPrefix="" showLabels="1" bgColor="0f0f0f" Caption="" animation="1" showFCMenuItem="0" unescapeLinks="0"> <styles> <definition><style type="font" bold="0" color="000000" size="15" font="Helvetica" name="ToolTipFontStyle"/><style type="font" bold="0" color="ffffff" size="15" font="Helvetica" name="DataLabelsFontStyle"/><style type="font" bold="0" color="ffffff" size="15" font="Helvetica" name="XAXISNAMEFontStyle"/><style type="font" bold="1" color="ffffff" size="24" font="Helvetica" name="CAPTIONFontStyle"/><style type="font" bold="0" color="ffffff" size="15" font="Helvetica" name="YAXISVALUESFontStyle"/><style type="font" bold="0" color="ffffff" size="15" font="Helvetica" name="YAXISNAMEFontStyle"/><style type="font" bold="0" color="ffffff" size="15" font="Helvetica" name="DATAVALUESFontStyle"/><style type="font" bold="0" color="000000" size="15" font="Helvetica" name="LegendFontStyle"/></definition> <application><apply styles="ToolTipFontStyle" toObject="ToolTip"/><apply styles="DataLabelsFontStyle" toObject="DataLabels"/><apply styles="XAXISNAMEFontStyle" toObject="XAXISNAME"/><apply styles="CAPTIONFontStyle" toObject="CAPTION"/><apply styles="YAXISVALUESFontStyle" toObject="YAXISVALUES"/><apply styles="YAXISNAMEFontStyle" toObject="YAXISNAME"/><apply styles="DATAVALUESFontStyle" toObject="DATAVALUES"/><apply styles="LegendFontStyle" toObject="Legend"/></application></styles> <categories><category name="Jan 2012"/><category name="Feb 2012"/><category name="Mar 2012"/><category name="Apr 2012"/><category name="May 2012"/><category name="Jun 2012"/><category name="Jul 2012"/><category name="Aug 2012"/><category name="Sep 2012"/><category name="Oct 2012"/><category name="Nov 2012"/><category name="Dec 2012"/></categories> <dataset plotBorderColor="e88622" showValues="0" color="e88622" alpha="100" seriesName="asdf"><set toolText="" value="35090.61"/><set toolText="" value="9823.34"/><set toolText="" value="23438.26"/><set toolText="" value="10420.74"/><set toolText="" value="36433.73"/><set toolText="" value="18499.6"/><set toolText="" value="18430.1"/><set toolText="" value="29912.59"/><set toolText="" value="20038.44"/><set toolText="" value="47956.35"/><set toolText="" value="11071.8"/><set toolText="" value="29911.10"/></dataset> <dataset plotBorderColor="28b8d5" showValues="0" color="28b8d5" alpha="100" seriesName="" lineThickness="3.5"><set value="7018.122"/><set value="1964.668"/><set value="4687.652"/><set value="2084.148"/><set value="7286.746"/><set value="3699.92"/><set value="3686.02"/><set value="5982.518"/><set value="4007.688"/><set value="9591.27"/><set value="2214.36"/><set value="5982.220"/></dataset><trendlines/></graph>
  10. Hi, If you have a real time chart (data stream) that you resize, it will have problems in javascript -- flash works fine. Take the following chart and then in the console, make it smaller. You will see the canvas and labels adjust fine, but the actual data plot becomes way too large for the canvas. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> - <graph showFCMenuItem="0" animation="1" Caption="" bgColor="FFFFFF" showLabels="1" numberPrefix="" chartLeftMargin="" chartRightMargin="" chartTopMargin="" chartBottomMargin="" showBorder="0" unescapeLinks="0" imageSave="1" imageSaveURL="rdTemplate/rdAnimatedChart/FCExporter.aspx" bgAlpha="100" yaxisname="" xaxisname="" showPlotBorder="0" rotateLabels="1" canvasBgColor="ffffff" showValues="0" rotateValues="1" useRoundEdges="0" lineDashed="0" canvasPadding="0" plotFillColor="249fda" plotFillAlpha="100" alternateHGridColor="ffffff" alternateVGridColor="ffffff" plotGradientColor="249fda" lineThickness="3.5" anchorAlpha="0" divLineThickness="2" dataStreamURL="rdDownload/rdDL1e7ccad325b6423a9c03898f30f8273f.txt" refreshInterval="1" showRealTimeValue="0" setAdaptiveYMin="1"> - <styles> - <definition> <style name="ToolTipFontStyle" type="font" font="Segoe UI" size="15" color="4c4c4c" bold="0" /> <style name="DataLabelsFontStyle" type="font" font="Segoe UI" size="15" color="4c4c4c" bold="0" /> <style name="XAXISNAMEFontStyle" type="font" font="Segoe UI" size="15" color="4c4c4c" bold="0" /> <style name="CAPTIONFontStyle" type="font" font="Segoe UI" size="24" color="4c4c4c" bold="0" /> <style name="YAXISVALUESFontStyle" type="font" font="Segoe UI" size="15" color="4c4c4c" bold="0" /> <style name="YAXISNAMEFontStyle" type="font" font="Segoe UI" size="15" color="4c4c4c" bold="0" /> <style name="DATAVALUESFontStyle" type="font" font="Segoe UI" size="15" color="4c4c4c" bold="0" /> <style name="LegendFontStyle" type="font" font="Segoe UI" size="15" color="4c4c4c" bold="0" /> </definition> - <application> <apply toObject="ToolTip" styles="ToolTipFontStyle" /> <apply toObject="DataLabels" styles="DataLabelsFontStyle" /> <apply toObject="XAXISNAME" styles="XAXISNAMEFontStyle" /> <apply toObject="CAPTION" styles="CAPTIONFontStyle" /> <apply toObject="YAXISVALUES" styles="YAXISVALUESFontStyle" /> <apply toObject="YAXISNAME" styles="YAXISNAMEFontStyle" /> <apply toObject="DATAVALUES" styles="DATAVALUESFontStyle" /> <apply toObject="Legend" styles="LegendFontStyle" /> </application> </styles> <categories /> <dataset showValues="0" seriesName="" color="249fda" /> <trendlines /> </graph>
  11. That fixed it, thanks you very much!!!
  12. Hi, I wouldn't mind doing that if the categories worked properly. You can see the original bug that forced me to use the xaxislabelmode=auto here: These are multiple bugs with this chart. You shouldn't have the attribute listed if it is not going to work. I'm getting frustrated because I've been trying to get a solution to this one for about a month and I keep getting workarounds that break other functionality.
  13. The verticalLineColor attribute is completely ignored. If we set the vertical lines ourselves using categories, the color gets applied appropriately. How can I fix this? This is urgent. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <graph numberSuffix="" formatNumberScale="1" decimalSeparator="" thousandSeparator="" decimals="2" forceDecimals="1" outCnvBaseFontColor="4c4c4c" outCnvBaseFontSize="15" outCnvBaseFont="Segoe UI" canvasBorderThickness="1" alternateVGridColor="f0f0f0" alternateHGridColor="f0f0f0" bubbleScale="" numVDivLines="4" showNames="1" showLegend="1" xAxisLabelMode="Auto" xaxisname="label title" yaxisname="data title" divlinecolor="0919F1" CanvasBorderColor="FF0000" canvasBgColor="f0f0f0" bgAlpha="100" imageSaveURL="rdTemplate/rdAnimatedChart/FCExporter.aspx" imageSave="1" showBorder="0" chartBottomMargin="50" chartTopMargin="" chartRightMargin="" chartLeftMargin="50" numberPrefix="$" showLabels="1" bgColor="F0F8FF" Caption="Scatter Chart" animation="1" showFCMenuItem="0" unescapeLinks="0"> <styles> <definition> <style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="ToolTipFontStyle"/> <style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="24" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="CAPTIONFontStyle"/> <style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="YAXISVALUESFontStyle"/> <style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="YAXISNAMEFontStyle"/> <style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="DATAVALUESFontStyle"/> <style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="DATALABELSFontStyle"/> <style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="XAXISNAMEFontStyle"/> <style bold="0" color="4c4c4c" size="15" font="Segoe UI" type="font" name="LegendFontStyle"/> </definition> <application> <apply styles="ToolTipFontStyle" toObject="ToolTip"/> <apply styles="CAPTIONFontStyle" toObject="CAPTION"/> <apply styles="YAXISVALUESFontStyle" toObject="YAXISVALUES"/> <apply styles="YAXISNAMEFontStyle" toObject="YAXISNAME"/> <apply styles="DATAVALUESFontStyle" toObject="DATAVALUES"/> <apply styles="DATALABELSFontStyle" toObject="DATALABELS"/> <apply styles="XAXISNAMEFontStyle" toObject="XAXISNAME"/> <apply styles="LegendFontStyle" toObject="Legend"/> </application> </styles> <categories verticalLineThickness="1" verticalLineColor="FF0000"/> <dataset color="FF0000" showPlotBorder="0" plotFillAlpha="100" anchorAlpha="100" seriesName="legend label" anchorSides="3" anchorRadius="UnitPrice" anchorBorderColor="000000" anchorBgColor="FF0000"> <set z="0.0000" toolText="1, 0" x="1" y="0.0000"/> <set z="19.0000" toolText="8, 19" x="8" y="19.0000"/> <set z="10.0000" toolText="9, 10" x="9" y="10.0000"/> <set z="22.0000" toolText="49, 22" x="49" y="22.0000"/> <set z="21.3500" toolText="41, 21" x="41" y="21.3500"/> <set z="25.0000" toolText="116, 25" x="116" y="25.0000"/> <set z="54.0000" toolText="11, 54" x="11" y="54.0000"/> <set z="40.0000" toolText="0, 40" x="0" y="40.0000"/> <set z="97.0000" toolText="25, 97" x="25" y="97.0000"/> <set z="31.0000" toolText="27, 31" x="27" y="31.0000"/> <set z="21.0000" toolText="18, 21" x="18" y="21.0000"/> <set z="38.0000" toolText="82, 38" x="82" y="38.0000"/> <set z="6.0000" toolText="20, 6" x="20" y="6.0000"/> <set z="23.2500" toolText="31, 23" x="31" y="23.2500"/> <set z="15.5000" toolText="35, 16" x="35" y="15.5000"/> <set z="17.4500" toolText="29, 17" x="29" y="17.4500"/> <set z="39.0000" toolText="39, 39" x="39" y="39.0000"/> <set z="62.5000" toolText="42, 63" x="42" y="62.5000"/> <set z="9.2000" toolText="25, 9" x="25" y="9.2000"/> <set z="81.0000" toolText="40, 81" x="40" y="81.0000"/> <set z="10.0000" toolText="3, 10" x="3" y="10.0000"/> <set z="6.0000" toolText="104, 6" x="104" y="6.0000"/> <set z="17.0000" toolText="61, 17" x="61" y="17.0000"/> <set z="99.0000" toolText="20, 99" x="20" y="99.0000"/> <set z="14.0000" toolText="76, 14" x="76" y="14.0000"/> <set z="31.2300" toolText="15, 31" x="15" y="31.2300"/> <set z="43.9000" toolText="49, 44" x="49" y="43.9000"/> <set z="45.6000" toolText="26, 46" x="26" y="45.6000"/> <set z="67.0000" toolText="10, 67" x="10" y="67.0000"/> <set z="12.5000" toolText="0, 13" x="0" y="12.5000"/> <set z="32.0000" toolText="9, 32" x="9" y="32.0000"/> <set z="2.5000" toolText="112, 3" x="112" y="2.5000"/> <set z="14.0000" toolText="111, 14" x="111" y="14.0000"/> <set z="18.0000" toolText="20, 18" x="20" y="18.0000"/> <set z="19.0000" toolText="112, 19" x="112" y="19.0000"/> <set z="26.0000" toolText="11, 26" x="11" y="26.0000"/> <set z="18.0000" toolText="69, 18" x="69" y="18.0000"/> <set z="18.4000" toolText="123, 18" x="123" y="18.4000"/> <set z="9.6500" toolText="85, 10" x="85" y="9.6500"/> <set z="14.0000" toolText="26, 14" x="26" y="14.0000"/> <set z="46.0000" toolText="17, 46" x="17" y="46.0000"/> <set z="19.4500" toolText="27, 19" x="27" y="19.4500"/> <set z="76.0000" toolText="5, 76" x="5" y="76.0000"/> <set z="12.0000" toolText="95, 12" x="95" y="12.0000"/> <set z="9.5000" toolText="36, 10" x="36" y="9.5000"/> <set z="12.7500" toolText="15, 13" x="15" y="12.7500"/> <set z="20.0000" toolText="10, 20" x="10" y="20.0000"/> <set z="16.2500" toolText="65, 16" x="65" y="16.2500"/> <set z="53.0000" toolText="20, 53" x="20" y="53.0000"/> <set z="7.0000" toolText="38, 7" x="38" y="7.0000"/> <set z="32.8000" toolText="0, 33" x="0" y="32.8000"/> <set z="7.4500" toolText="21, 7" x="21" y="7.4500"/> <set z="24.0000" toolText="115, 24" x="115" y="24.0000"/> <set z="38.0000" toolText="21, 38" x="21" y="38.0000"/> <set z="24.9000" toolText="36, 25" x="36" y="24.9000"/> <set z="13.2500" toolText="62, 13" x="62" y="13.2500"/> <set z="55.0000" toolText="79, 55" x="79" y="55.0000"/> <set z="34.0000" toolText="19, 34" x="19" y="34.0000"/> <set z="28.5000" toolText="113, 29" x="113" y="28.5000"/> <set z="49.3000" toolText="17, 49" x="17" y="49.3000"/> <set z="43.9000" toolText="24, 44" x="24" y="43.9000"/> <set z="33.2500" toolText="22, 33" x="22" y="33.2500"/> <set z="21.0500" toolText="76, 21" x="76" y="21.0500"/> <set z="17.0000" toolText="4, 17" x="4" y="17.0000"/> <set z="14.0000" toolText="53, 14" x="53" y="14.0000"/> <set z="12.5000" toolText="6, 13" x="6" y="12.5000"/> <set z="36.0000" toolText="26, 36" x="26" y="36.0000"/> <set z="15.0000" toolText="15, 15" x="15" y="15.0000"/> <set z="21.5000" toolText="25, 22" x="25" y="21.5000"/> <set z="34.8000" toolText="14, 35" x="14" y="34.8000"/> <set z="15.0000" toolText="101, 15" x="101" y="15.0000"/> <set z="10.0000" toolText="4, 10" x="4" y="10.0000"/> <set z="7.7500" toolText="125, 8" x="125" y="7.7500"/> <set z="18.0000" toolText="57, 18" x="57" y="18.0000"/> <set z="34.0000" toolText="32, 34" x="32" y="34.0000"/> </dataset> </graph>
  14. dataStream chart data set alpha

    This is actually a bug in flash. In javascript the alpha works properly however in flash it is completely ignored.