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  1. I get a "No Data to Display Error" with the following code var chart1 = new FusionCharts("charts/Pie3D.swf", "useageGraph", "464", "270", "0", "1"); chart1.setDataURL('phpgraph/profile_1.1_usage.php?segid=1&region=south'); chart1.addParam("wmode","transparent"); chart1.render("servusagetab"); When I go to the actual DataURL in a browser, I get valid XML output. When I save this XML output to a static file and change the setDataURL to the XML file, the graph renders. I've isolated the graph on it's own page here: http://www.jcplcommunityconnect.com/fusionchartsbugtest.php You can see that the DataURL is valid by going here: http://www.jcplcommunityconnect.com/phpgraph/profile_1.1_usage.php?segid=1&region=segments Any assistance would be most gratefully appreciated! All the best, Evan
  2. Object doesn't support this property or Method

    Can you provide a link to a detailed explanation of this conflict. I am having problems getting my charts to rerender using the chartObj.setDataURL(theURL); method in IE6. Trying this hack gets me some better results but then produces undesirable results in IE7. I need to know more about the conflict to come up with a solution that employs this hack in a way that works for both versions of IE.
  3. I am trying to use a multi-series stacked column chart to display data for groups of related customer segments. This requires that I label the group which the graph supports through the category label option but I also need to label each individual customer segments (the specific columns in the series). Is this supported somehow? I cannot find it looking through the XML API. Thanks, Evan
  4. There is an error in the documentation on the following page: http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/PHP_JS_URL.html In the example function updateChart(), this line is listed: //URLEncode it - NECESSARY. strURL = unescape(strURL); It should actually be: //URLEncode it - NECESSARY. strURL = escape(strURL); Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the reply... Given my function, can you give me an example of how to implement the FC_Rendered(DOMId) function. I tried and couldn't get it to work
  6. I'm using JQuery and am running into a problem with the setDataURL function. It works the second time I execute the function but not the first. If I delay the running of the function with an alert, the function will work the first time. Tried to implement a setTimeout solution but could not get that to work at all. example can be seen here: http://www.tscplcommunityconnect.com/services.php Code excerpt is below: //updateChart method is called whenever the user clicks the button to //update the chart. Here, we get a reference to the chart and update it's //data using setDataURL method. function updateChart(service,percent){ //Get reference to chart object using Dom ID var chartObj = getChartFromId("rankgraph"); //assemble new data URL from arguments -dc replace with php script DONE var theURL = "services_like_me_all.php"+"?service="+service+"&percent="+percent; //set new URL //alert(theURL); chartObj.setDataURL(theURL); }; function findSegmentsbyService() { $('#graphbox').show(); var theService = $('#serviceselectbox').val(); var thePercent = $('#atleast').val(); $("#insservice").html(theService); $("#inspercent").html(thePercent); updateChart(theService,thePercent); };