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  1. "getChartFromID is not defined"

    It seems that in the new FusionCharts() line, the last paramwter is set to '0'. That should be a '1'. It registers the chart with Javascript. Try that.
  2. I have been able to get the feedData() function working and am quite happy, but in using the RealTimeLineDY.swf chart, I have not been able to figure out the proper data text stream to use. I have two datasets, one for the pYAxis and on for the sYAxis: (I used below but it doesn't show. sorry) When I update the data, sending them to feedData(), I use: &label='13:00'&value=23|15 Both of the values are drawn related to the sYAxis instead of to pYAxis and to sYAxis. How do I tell the chart that the first value belongs to pYAxis and the second to sYAxis? Thanks for the help.
  3. Remote site data

    Ah, the first makes sense. I'd like to do it with a local javascript however, so there won't be two servers involved. So, I should use .setDataXML( "myScript.js"). That will execute the local javascript embedded in the html. Is that correct? The javascript can request the data from the server and write out xml as the chart wants it into a text object, then return the text object. That sounds like it should work. would you agree?
  4. Remote site data

    I am very pleased with what I have seen today in the example code. I was also pleased at how easy it is to get charts working with data from remote URL's. I use a Javascript to gather data from our remote sites, but I have no control over the tag and label format of the xml that arrives. Since it is not in the standard format that FusionCharts use, the swfs can't load the data. I have not been able to figure out a way around this problem. Perhaps you have a method? I know of only chartObject.setDataXML() and .setDataURL(). The latter has FusionCharts.js send an xmlHttpRequest to the url, receives the xml and then fills the divs. But FusionCharts.js, it seems, does not understand the format from my remote sites. The former uses either direct xml in the argument, or uses an xml data file. But for security resaons javaScript is not allowed to write to the local disk. So I am puzzled over how to get my xml into FusionCharts.