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  1. Resizing Angular Gauge and other Charts

    Hi Rahul, While creating the control, we can specify the dimension say 200x200, 400x.. . But at runtime the user has the flexibilty to change the window size at will. while resizing, the charts should update properly even if the window is resized to a rectangle. Please look at the image(third image) i have uploaded. I have tired using autoscale and contrainedScale featues but none of this give desired output.
  2. Hi All, Whenever i disaply Angular Guage in a Square it displays properly. But When i Change the Dimension to a rectangle the ouptut does not scale properly. The Annotations does not maintain thier relative position w.r.t to the dial. I tried using AutoScale and ConstrainedScale but the output is not as Intended. I have attached the Image For easy understanding. I want the Annotation to always maintain their size and position w.r.t to dials. I am using fusion charts through VC++