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  1. Candlestick "High-Low-Open-Close" renaming

    Using toolText property solved the labelling issue. Sunil
  2. Hi Is there anyway to rename display labels for "High-Low-Open-Close" of Candlestick chart to something else? Say, I want to call High as High123, etc. Also is there an option to remove one of the categories? Say, I don't want "Open" category? I want the functionality exactly as "High-Low-Close" chart of Excel. Thanks in advance Sunil
  3. Thanks Sumedh. Any workaround possible to achieve the same?
  4. Hi, Is there any event listener that can be called when i complete Drag area on scatter chart. In the attached screen I want to call Java script function that fires as and when i release mouse button upon selecting single rectangular area. Thanks in advance Sunny
  5. Six Quadrant Bubble Chart

    Thanks Haritha for the response. We have two additional requirements in this regard: I should be able to name each of the six quadrants and name should be embedded within the quadrant Is there anyway for me to know the position of cursor on the graph so that I can figure out the user quadrant and display additional information. Thank you Sunny
  6. Six Quadrant Bubble Chart

    Is there any way to divide scatter or bubble chart into six quadrants (3 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines)? Thanks Sunny