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  1. scrollcolumn2d issues

    Hi, Is there a way to display a single series data with a scroll column 2d chart? right now, if i use a column2d chart, and have many bars, the bar just shrinks. I want it to scroll and maintain a fixed size for the bar. I also tried using the scrollcolumn2d as a workaround with only 1 legend item. but still it wont scroll. it only scrolls when you have many legend items. Is there any way around this issue? thanks, /francis
  2. Hi, How can i set a bar columns width to a specific size? This is because i have a chart using MSColumn2D and the charts width is set to a certain size and when there are like only 2 bars to be show, it would create a really fat bar column. I want to avoid that by setting a limit for a bars width. Thanks, /francis
  3. How to make the legend appear line by line

    ya, but i want more control of it. if i got like 10 legend items, i would want it shown line by line since it confuses people when all items are shown in one single line then just wraps to the next line as what you mentioned. Is there a way to control it manually? sample.bmp
  4. FusionChart Error

    user the dataURL method. replace < with & lt;
  5. Hello, How can i make the legends items to appear line by line? The current implementation is have a single line of items and wraps it to a second line if the items are too long. thanks, /franee
  6. Ya, but i was asking specifically for a scrollable multiseries stacked columns kind of graph.
  7. Hi, I would be glad if there is one or a guide on how to make one. Currently i see only the Scroll Stacked Column 2D columns graph in the examples. Thanks, /franee
  8. Hi, Sorry we haven't launched the site yet. Using the dataURL method seemed to fix it. thanks, /franee
  9. FusionCharts.js setDataURL method problem

    Thanks it worked. I had to CGI.escape the whole url.
  10. Hi, Im using fusion charts with ruby on rails. Im using the dataURL method and i had problems with querystrings getting lost. example: chart_patient_demographics_graph.setDataURL("/reports/main_doctor_reports/render_graph/1?group_id=1&graph=patient_demographics_graph&test=qwer"); On the render_graph action, when i inspect the params object, all i see is the id and the graph_id. No graph and test param keys anywhere. Any ideas? Im pretty sure i don't have filters that munge the params. thanks, /francis
  11. Hi im using fusion charts to generate graphs for a ruby on rails app. Im embedding chart objects and it seems the more charts i put in (at least 5) eats up a lot of memory and cpu utilization goes to 90% and the computer just hangs. I've noticed this in firefox. Haven't tested yet in IE. Im using windows sp2 and firefox 2. Any ideas? I included the fusion charts.js file once fyi.
  12. Im using fusion charts in a ruby on rails app. Im generating graphs through embedding flash objects in the page. It seems that it eats up a lot of memory and uses almost 90% cpu utilization. I've noticed this on firefox. Haven't tested yet on IE.