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  1. Charts not shown on IE

    I had the same problem earlier this week: IE didn't show any flash, FireFox did it correctly. Since I also own MM Studio MX, MX2004 and Studio 8 FlashPlayer was already installed. I solved the problem by putting my firewall offline and downloaded the same flashplayer version two times. The first time nothing happened however I could see 'flash installed' on The second time I saw the charts again.
  2. Axis Labels

    Only if you don't specify the labels 'FusionChart' will calculate it. Did you try something like this? : yaxismaxvalue="5" yaxisminvalue='0'. For using time try to alter decimalSeparator (so something like decimalSeparator=":"). It works for me: just tested it.
  3. how to Generate Day wise Report using Gannt Chart

    Mmm. I didn't see any XML in your message. Maybe that's the problem? If you use the Gantt chart for the first time you can always look at the source available in the HTML: symply copy/paste it to a textfile and save it as Data.xml.
  4. Format Currency

    Did you use decimalSeparator="," ? I tested it a few minutes ago.... no problem
  5. Print charts

    I can print a page directly from within a browser and via JavaScript without a problem. Is it possible that you use an inline frame (IFrame) or used an inline frame at the bottom of your page (this is used to let only Internet Explorer think nothing is available but does not work in FireFox or other browsers).