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  1. Border Bars color

    Hello guys, How are you? I'm trying to plot a bar chart, and I need a particular color for the first bar, and a different color for the rest of the bars. Is that possible? And I want to do something similar with a double-bar chart. Thanks!!!
  2. Fusion Charts And Fusion Maps In The Same Page

    Guys, this problem was fixed using same version of all libraries! Thank you for your help!
  3. Fusion Charts And Fusion Maps In The Same Page

    Hello guys, Sorry for the delay on this. Definitely this solution didn't worked for me. I picked FusionCharts.js from FusionCharts package and didn't worked. Can anyone try this solution on his local environment? I'll double check what I'm doing, because perhaps I'm making a sort of mistake. But, if at least someone can test this and make sure that it worked, I'll be sure that I'm missunderstanding something. Also, I followed all the documentation from the docs page. Thanks vey much!
  4. Fusion Charts And Fusion Maps In The Same Page

    Hello Sumedh! Thanks for your fast response. These files: > FusionCharts.js > FusionCharts.HC.js > FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js > jquery.min.js Should I take them from FusionChart project? Or from FusionMaps project?
  5. Fusion Charts And Fusion Maps In The Same Page

    Hello folks from Fusion Charts. My name is Alejo, and I'm working for a company who bought the license for Fusion Charts and Fusion Maps. First they bought the license for Fusion Charts, and a couple of months later, the bought the Fusion Maps license. I'm having a problem try to render in the same page a chart and a map. The problem appears when Flash is not available in the browser or device which is used to show these graphs. At the begining we only had in our project the FusionCharts gallery. And all was working fine. Then, we wanted to include maps too. So, we bought the license for maps. But we don't made any change in our project, we only added the swf file for the regarding map we wanted to put in our application (USA map). So, in conclusion, we used the swf file with the existing core files from FusionCharts. All went fine, until we realized that the map chart didn't work out when Flash is not available. So, we started to work on this problem. I followed the instructions from this page: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/maps/Contents/FirstMap/maps_charts.html Basically, this page it's saying that no matter where you take the FusionCharts.js file from (and all his dependencies). The only requisite, is to choose the last version. So, I took the FusionCharts.js (and all the dependencies) version from the FusionMaps project, because it's was the last that we bought. Didn't work out. Because even the map started to work, the charts from FusionCharts started to fail. It's like charts from FusionCharts only works whit the core files from FusionChart project, and maps from FusionMaps only works with the core files from FusionMap project. I decided to go ahead and compare the FusionCharts.js from FusionChart project versus FusionCharts.js from FusionMap project, and they are VERY different. An idea came up to me. I tried to include in the same page the core files from two projects. Obviously, this didn't work out. I don't want yet show my error, or post my code here. First I want you to answer my question. So, my question for now is: Does anyone know how to render charts and maps in the same page? Anyone tried? Thanks in advance!!