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  1. Fusion chart rendering problem in jsp

    Hi Friend, I checked the link, u have passed me. But i did'nt get any info from that, b'coz it requires paid subsciption. I changed my .swf file path from ' jsp/charts/FusionCharts/MSColumn3D.swf ' to ' /jsp/charts/FusionCharts/MSColumn3D.swf ' . Now i didn't get any error. My page is loading. But it is not playing the flash movie. In that place, It showing the empty space. When i right click there, it showing " movie not loaded ". Can u please send any suggetions resolving this issue. Thanks in advance.
  2. Fusion chart rendering problem in jsp

    Hi,sorry, i pasted another page url. I am using the same var for executing the .render() method. I found, the javascript error due to explorer version. We r getting same javascript error, but application working fine in Websphere application server6.0. But in portal server 6.0, we r not getting the charts. Will the portal server supports Fusion charts properly !? I think server is not able to return the response properly !! Thanks
  3. Fusion chart rendering problem in jsp

    Hi, I tried with single line XML string. Still not rendering. but now it is giving javascript error. 'chart_ByCountry' is undefined. May be the problem is in the encoded url of .swf file. My .swf file path : "jsp/charts/FusionCharts/MSColumn3D.swf" var chart_ByCategory = new FusionCharts('/wps/myportal/!ut/p/c1/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gPFy8DEw93IwMDAyA2CgvzdPJ2sTQycDcDykfikTcgRrefv1Gom4mnoaGFmauhgZGZh4mTT5ingbuLMTG6DXAAR0J2h4P8it_tIHl8rgPJ47HfzyM_N1U_Uj_KHLct5voh-gW5oaERBpkBGemKigBJrke5/dl2/d1/L0lDU0lKSmdvS1VRb0tVUSEvb0NvZ0FFSVFoakVDVUpSbUVBd0FuQmNFemdBIS9ZQTQ1NDUwLTVGMHN0eWowc3J5bndBISEvN19IREowNEhHMjAwMDIwMDJWVklCS0Q5MjBHNy9BSXVRbzQwL3NwZl9BY3Rpb25OYW1lL3NwZl9BY3Rpb25MaXN0ZW5lci9zcGZfc3RydXRzQWN0aW9uL2pzcCEyZmNoYXJ0cyEyZkZ1c2lvbkNoYXJ0cyEyZk1TQ29sdW1uM0Quc3dm#7_HDJ04HG20002002VVIBKD920G7', 'ByCategory', '900', '400', '0', '0'); Thanks
  4. Hi, I am new to Fusion charts. I am using FusionChartsCreator.createChart(..) method for getting charts in my JSP page. It is working fine, in Websphere application server 6.0. But in websphere portal server 6.0 it is throwing error as: error in executing command: I am new to Fusion Charts. Here is the view source of my JSP: div id='ByCountryDiv' align='center'> Chart. </div> <script type='text/javascript'> var chart_ByCountry = new FusionCharts('/wps/myportal/!ut/p/c1/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gPFy8DEw93IwMDAyA2CgvzdPJ2sTQycDcDykfikTcgRrefv1Gom4mnoaGFmauhgZGZh4mTT5ingbuLMTG6DXAAR0J2h4P8it_tIHl8rgPJ47HfzyM_N1U_Uj_KHLct5voh-gW5oaERBpkBGemKigBJrke5/dl2/d1/L0lDU0lKSmdvS1VRb0tVUSEvb0NvZ0FFSVFoakVDVUpSbUVBd0FuQmNFemdBIS9ZQTQ1NDUwLTVGMHN0eWowc3J5bndBISEvN19IREowNEhHMjAwMDIwMDJWVklCS0Q5MjBHNy9yNEEyazQyL3NwZl9BY3Rpb25OYW1lL3NwZl9BY3Rpb25MaXN0ZW5lci9zcGZfc3RydXRzQWN0aW9uL2pzcCEyZmNoYXJ0cyEyZkZ1c2lvbkNoYXJ0cyEyZkNvbHVtbjNELnN3Zg!!#7_HDJ04HG20002002VVIBKD920G7', 'ByCountry', '900', '400', '0', '0'); // Provide entire XML data using dataXML method chart_ByCountry.setDataXML(" <chart caption=' Total Active By Year - 2008 ' subCaption='' yAxisName='Amount' xAxisName='Month' palette='2' animation='0' showValues='0' formatNumberScale='1' numberSuffix='' labelDisplay='ROTATE' numDivLines='5' slantLabels='1'> <styles> <definition> <style type='font' name='CaptionFont' size='15' color='666666' /> <style type='font' name='SubCaptionFont' bold='0' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='caption' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='SubCaption' styles='SubCaptionFont' /> </application> </styles> <set label='JAN' value='61' /> <set label='FEB' value='-30' /> <set label='MAR' value='32' /> <set label='APRL' value='-187' /> <set label='MAY' value='113' /> <set label='JUN' value='182' /> <set label='JUL' value='211' /> <set label='AUG' value='63' /> <set label='SEP' value='106' /> <set label='OCT' value='52' /> <set label='NOV' value='36' /> <set label='DEC' value='16' /> </chart>"); // Finally, render the chart. chart_ByCountry.render("ByCountryDiv"); </script> I think chart_ByCountry.render("ByCountryDiv") is not working on portal server! Is there any chages required to work on portal server ? Can anybody help in this issue? Thanks in advance Rambabu