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  1. Hi, Happy New Year! Was any work done on the Rails4 based Fusion Chart sample code since last year? Many thanks. Cheers!
  2. Hello! I have searched the forum (both via google and on forum's search tool, too). I see some requests to customize FusionCharts. The solution often includes being directed to a web page like this one: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/?AttDesc/Legend.html Usually this page will show the parameters to modify the appearance of the particular item, such as the legend. We would prefer to design our application in a way that does not insert chart configuration data in the XML, like this: <chart palette='2' caption='Sales' subCaption='March 2006' showValues='0' divLineDecimalPrecision='1' limitsDecimalPrecision='1' numberPrefix='$' formatNumberScale='0' > We believe it is desirable to programmatically send the chart attributes to the "new FusionCharts()" api. Is it possible to send the chart attributes to the FusionChart library via the javascript call mentioned in the last sentence? Also, can someone point me to documentation that illustrates all of the possible customizations for the chart's canvas (background colors, borders, etc.) Many thanks! Cheers!
  3. Hello, In the documentation, I see this style of sending options to the FusionChart API via the setXMLUrl() method, which sends data like the following: <chart caption='Chart Caption' palette="3" animation="1" xAxisName='June 2013' yAxisName='Homes Sold' > I believe i read somewhere in the docs that I could send all these options via Javascript, say, in the new FusionChart(arg, arg, arg...) method. Can someone please point me to the documentation that describes this API. To be clear, our app does not write chart options into our XML chart data files. We need to set those options within Javascript. Thank you!
  4. Fusion Chart Basic

    The procedure (removing the '.swf') expressed in the above link does not work for all browsers. Does not render charts in Google Chrome version 27.0.1453.116 Using the alternate method results in same outcome. Not working in Chrome. Alternate: FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript') The charts work as expected in Safari and Firefox. Is there an estimate as to when this feature will work in Google Chrome. thank you.
  5. Is there a sample app that works with rails 3 that is not in a state requiring maintenance before it runs?
  6. "Fusion Charts XT Trial" banner

    Hello, I see the banner on my charts. We are using the trial to evaluate if we want to purchase. Does the trial banner render differently on different browsers? One way the banner is unobtrusively at the bottom left of the chart, with grey foreground color text. The other way is with black bold text on white background, surrounding by a rectangular line box. Why are these different? Can I infer one is Flash and one is Javascript? If so, which one is which? Thank you.
  7. Is FusionCharts with RoR so straight-forward that no one has asked a question in two and a half years? Oh, forgive me, for some reason I was only seeing posts from 2010. Is there an official sample app updated for rails 3.x? Thank you...