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  1. Dear developers, We have just released FusionCharts v3.1.1 with the following improvements and fixes: Improvements: Optimizations in FusionCharts Export Handlers (Server-side). Fix: Minor bug fix in FusionCharts Export Component SWF and JavaScript class. Fix: Export data can have blank qualifier. Fix: seriesNameInToolTip bug fixed.
  2. Entity Borders

    Hello Muxxa, I'm afraid that there are no provisions for the implementation of the border colors for an individual entity. However, you can customize the border color globally. For more information, could you please refer to the following link: http://www.fusioncharts.com/maps/docs/Contents/XML.html
  3. how to print fushion chart

    Could you please try using the "Print..." option under File>Print in the browser menu bar?
  4. how can i format number as 2009-5-20?

    You're welcome!
  5. Please add a zoom feature

    Hello, It is scheduled for end 2009, but we have no fixed date as of now. Thank you for your kind words, they keep us going.
  6. Is this type of chart possible??

    Thanks! And you're most welcome.
  7. Using SSGrid.swf

    FusionCharts pack simply refers to the default download package that contains everything. It is not an added download.
  8. MSStackedColumn2D.swf yAxisMaxValue bug

    Heylo. You're welcome! I couldn't see the attached file. Could you please attach it again?
  9. Is this type of chart possible??

    Hello, Could you please try with the following XML? Sorry for the delay, but I'm hoping this'll help! <chart showYAxisValues='0' divLineThickness='1' xaxisname="Number of Activities" animation="1" numDivLines="15" showValues="0" numVDivLines="15" palette="2" plotGradientColor=" "> - <categories> <category label="1" showName="1"/> <category label="1" showName="1"/> <category label="1" showName="1"/> <category label="1" showName="1"/> <category label="1" showName="1"/> <category label="3" showName="1"/> <category label="12" showName="1"/> <category label="5" showName="1"/> <category label="22" showName="1"/> <category label="22" showName="1"/> <category label="30" showName="1"/> <category label="27" showName="1"/> <category label="5" showName="1"/> <category label="69" showName="1"/> <category label="93" showName="1"/> <category label="123" showName="1"/> <category label="256" showName="1"/> <category label="303" showName="1"/> <category label="145" showName="1"/> </categories> - <dataset seriesName="Number of Predecessors" displayvalues='0'> <set value="-80" hoverText="80"/> <set value="-50"/> <set value="-50"/> <set value="-45"/> <set value="-34"/> <set value="-12"/> <set value="-11"/> <set value="-10"/> <set value="-9"/> <set value="-9"/> <set value="-8"/> <set value="-7"/> <set value="-12"/> <set value="-6"/> <set value="-5"/> <set value="-4"/> <set value="-3"/> <set value="-2"/> <set value="-1"/> </dataset> - <dataset seriesName="Number of Successors"> <set value="1"/> <set value="4"/> <set value="25"/> <set value="20"/> <set value="34"/> <set value="12"/> <set value="11"/> <set value="10"/> <set value="9"/> <set value="8"/> <set value="8"/> <set value="7"/> <set value="12"/> <set value="6"/> <set value="5"/> <set value="4"/> <set value="3"/> <set value="2"/> <set value="1"/> </dataset> <trendlines> <line startValue='-10' displayValue='10'/> <line startValue="-20" displayValue='20'/> <line startValue="-30" displayValue='30'/> <line startValue="-40" displayValue='40'/> <line startValue="-50" displayValue='50'/> <line startValue="-60" displayValue='60'/> <line startValue="-70" displayValue='70'/> <line startValue="-80" displayValue='80'/> <line startValue="-90" displayValue='90'/> <line startValue='0' displayValue='0'/> <line startValue='10' displayValue='10'/> <line startValue="20" displayValue='20'/> <line startValue="30" displayValue='30'/> <line startValue="40" displayValue='40'/> <line startValue="50" displayValue='50'/> <line startValue="60" displayValue='60'/> <line startValue="70" displayValue='70'/> <line startValue="80" displayValue='80'/> <line startValue="90" displayValue='90'/> </trendlines> </chart>
  10. how can i format number as 2009-5-20?

    Could you please attach the XML you are working with, so that we may have a look? In either case, I suggest you could turn off y axis values display, and replace the same with trendlines.
  11. how can i format number as 2009-5-20?

    Hello, Could you please elaborate on your query a bit?
  12. Hi, I am afraid, this feature is not supported as of now.
  13. MSStackedColumn2D.swf yAxisMaxValue bug

    Hello, I'm afraid, we do not support 100% stacked charts as of now. However, the same can be simulated using regular stacked charts so that the data values add up to 100. In the XML the data values are adding up to more than 100! Could you please reformat your data and ensure that the total does not exceed 100? Also, the y upper limit needs to be set to something like 100.01 for the same.
  14. refreshInterval first time refresh

    Hello, Thank you for your suggestion. We have noted it down for further consideration.
  15. StackedArea2D Chart Issues

    You're welcome!
  16. MSStackedColumn2D.swf yAxisMaxValue bug

    Could you please attach the XML so that we may have a look?
  17. logoURL

    Could you please make the following change logoURL='Proto_CP2/app/images/waveform/one.JPG and try again?
  18. MSStackedColumn2D.swf yAxisMaxValue bug

    Hello, In the <chart> element, could you please set yAxisMaxValue='100' and try again?
  19. StackedArea2D Chart Issues

    Hello Ujjwal, Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your kind words! Could you please make the following change and try again? <chart showValues='0' legendPosition='RIGHT' caption='Numbers' plotGradientColor="" >
  20. Is this type of chart possible??

    Hello, Could you please attach the XML, we'd be glad to take a look and see how far we can tweak it.
  21. Bar2D Data Values

    You're welcome!
  22. Currupt file

    Hello, After downloading from http://www.fusioncharts.com/PUC , could please confirm what the size of the file is, in bytes?
  23. Bar2D Data Values

    To maintain formatting uniformity, the parameters of the axes are spatially inverted in bar charts. That is, x-axis in referred to as the y-axis and viceversa. Thus, could you please try setting yAxisMaxValue to a suitably high value and confirm if it is working?
  24. save as image

    Hello, Could you please update your product from http://www.fusioncharts.com/PUC and check whether the ExportHandlers folder is there? As for exporting, there are certain steps involved which you can find in the documentation at http://fusioncharts.com/docs -> Exporting as Image/PDF
  25. Embedding in MS Access

    I have addressed your query at: http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic14247-37-1.aspx?