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  1. I'm using a multi-series line chart with showValues=1 and valuePosition=0. The overlapping of some of the values (even when both series have the same value) doesn't look very good. I'll see an "8" slightly offset from another "8" or a "34" positioned above the anchor and a "44" positioned below the other series anchor and they overlap. Can anything be done about this? Outside of turning showValues to 0 of course.
  2. Sorry, I should have specified that this only happens in IE. In Firefox I have no issues (I'm not using the Print Manager code).
  3. The charts appear to be rendering fine (using jQuery to load SWF and JSON data), but when I trigger a window.print() function to print the page, all the fill colors disappear and the chart just shows up as black lines on a white background. Any thoughts where to start?
  4. I think the sample code posted earlier in this thread is what I need. I've integrated it into my design. I was using the Walter Zorn javascript tooltip and there seemed to be some sort of incompatibility. I could drop another Flash movie into that tooltip fine, but using the javascript code to render a Fusion Chart seemed to break it.
  5. Is there a workaround for this? Do we need to execute the code to set the data XML and render the chart again after the <div> is visible? I think I'm running into this issue. I make the <div> visible via a javascript tooltip and I end up with an empty area with no chart.
  6. A client is looking to have an html table with data. When you hover hover a table cell they would like a javascript style tooltip to open up and inside that display a FusionChart. Are there any examples of such behavior? If I try to drop the typical example javascript code into a <div> element that is shown as a tooltip, it throws an error. If I replace the FusionChart javascript code with text in that <div> the tooltip (now with just text) shows just fine.