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  1. By loading an IS Charts into my flash, I need to send 2 files to my end-users... one with my Flash movie and another one with the chart to load. In fact, I wanted to import the chart directly into my Flash movie and distribte only one single file (as I did with FusionCharts v3 ...). The good news: I heard that it will be available in next release of Instrumentation ... But when can we get v3 of Instrumentation charts ? Thanks :-)
  2. Instrumentation Suite v3 ?

    Bug reports folder states: "Please post all bugs found in Instrumentation Suite v3 ..." Where/How can we get this v3 ?
  3. Hi, I'm creating a small dashboard with several FusionCharts and Instrumentation Jauges embedded into one Flash movie. How can I import Instrumentation jauges into my flash movie to have one single SWF file (data + charts in it) ? Thanks MD
  4. Licensing question

    Well, one or two users can adapt slides and forward updated presentations ...
  5. Licensing question

    What licensing will allow me to put several charts in a new flash document that I will then be load into a powerpoint PPT and send to users by email ? Thanks M.
  6. HI all, I'm currently evaluating the product as I need to put some nice graphs in powerpoint but I would like to have only one PPT to be able to mail it to end-users. Is there a way to have the charts but also the data embedded in the powerpoint file ? Thx Marc