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  1. Is it possible to access methods dynamically in the Gantt Chart that would change its properties? I would like to be able to click on a bar and have the color of a related bar change color without having to re-render the chart. Thanks, David
  2. Gantt Chart Height Limit

    We're working on splitting the data over multiple charts as a workaround but it's not ideal. It seems like many people must hit against this 4000px limit when they're using a gantt. The main point of using a gantt, I think, being to display a lot of time-phased data in a visual manner, so it can be analyzed more easily. There's not really much advantage in using a gantt to display a small amount of data (such as the example charts you provide). If it's just for eye-candy then use powerpoint or excel. Do you have any plans for implementing a vertical scroll on the gantt chart? That would solve the problem once and for all. Thanks, David
  3. Gantt Chart Height Limit

    Hi Dhruva, Yes. This sounds like the problem. We suspected the 4000px limit but I didn't want to put ideas in your head I guess we'll have to find some way around it by running the data over multiple charts or something like that. Thanks, David
  4. Hi, I'm loading a gantt chart with a large number of processes/tasks and it appears that at some vertical point the drawing of the background grid lines and connectors stops, even though the chart continues to be drawn i.e. the datatable continues to extend and the bars continue to be shown but no connectors or grid lines. Is there some limit to the vertical height of a gantt that prevents the lines on the chart being drawn? If so, is there a way round this? Thanks, David
  5. Turn off secondary axis?

    This worked, Rahul. Thanks! I ended up having to take control over the formatting of the div lines on the axes as well, in order to get them to show properly but it looks good:)
  6. Turn off secondary axis?

    Thanks, Rahul. I'll give that a go.
  7. Turn off secondary axis?

    Thanks Rahul. Unfortunately, this hides the secondary axis but the <lineSet> data series is still plotted as if it was there i.e. against a different scale. Is there a way to force the <lineSet> to use the primary axis?
  8. Is there a way of switching off the secondary Y axis on MSStackedColumn2DLineDY ? I'm looking for a combination multi-series stacked bar chart with line but which uses a single Y axis - I need all of the data series plotted against the same scale. Thanks.