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  1. I am trying to create a stacked chart using data from the database. The documentation I have found has only included methods using hard-coded XML. Are there any examples of a stacked chart/multi-series being used with MySQL database?
  2. SetDataURL and Encoding URL

    I am trying to allow the setDataURL function to accept parameters, however everytime I try to render the chart, it says invalid data? I have provided the code below. However, without providing an parameter, it works. What is the issue? function changeGraph() { var url1 = escape("hppdetailed.php?clientName=Test"); var chartReference = FusionCharts("myChartId1"); chartReference.setDataURL(url1); } When the function is called, the graph just says Invalid Data. The hppdetailed.php is configured to use the GET function to accept the parameter. I have tested that functionality and it is working correctly.
  3. Adding Date Range to Charts?

    I am trying to add a date range to my charts, in order to be able to see data in different time amounts. I am using a MySQL DB with generated timestamps (UNIX). How would I be able to add a drop-down menu( or something similar) that would be able to change the graph to show for example: Past Month, Past 3 Months, Past Half-Year..etc? Is it even possible to allow custom date range entry?
  4. Can anyone provide me an example of the JSP code that will allow me to plot the charts/graphs via MS Access DB?