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  1. Our report system always use the jfreechat to build the system's chart and send the report by mail every week. Recently ,I find the FusionChart! great software! then I change the fusionChart to bulid our report system ,instead of the jfreechart. But we still need the system can send us the chart report by the mail automatically every week. for FusionChart, before downloading the fusion's chart, I must render the chart using html on the Browser. I can't send the chart automatically as before. I have an idea that if the fusion chart can be saved at the disk and our backgroud function can use these chart. Because the fusion' charts that need be saved are more than 100 handred. so I hope the render process can be omited. How to release that? Must the flash chart render first? Thanks!
  2. I used the RRD database to store the traffic data and use RRDTool to get the traffic graph( like the Mrtg software). Now I want to use the fusionchart instead of rrdtool. Do anyone know how to realise that?
  3. For save the images into my server. I download the from the forum for testing. this is my configuration: EXPORTHANDLER=FCExporter_ RESOURCEPATH=/Resources/ SAVEPATH=./test1/images/ HTTP_URI= OVERWRITEFILE=false INTELLIGENTFILENAMING=true FILESUFFIXFORMAT=TIMESTAMP And all file in the /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/test1. and the class file and file in the /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/test1/WEB-INF/classes folder. But the image is not saved now . So how to config the ? SAVEPATH=./test1/images/ HTTP_URI= the above configuration is ok? Thank you a lot!
  4. Hello all! I builder a web page that includes 5 fusionchart's flashs and the web page can fresh them using the realtime data. And I need save these flash as picture into a folder at 00:00 am every day . every fusionchart need be saved a picture under the same flolder. And I think the name of every chart can be defined in it's xml file of fusionchart. That is like a cron task under linux. I don't have to click the mouse to select "save as png" and wait the downloading progress. I read the FusionChart documents and find the chart' batch saving fuction still can not realize this task. So I find this work is more difficult than Jfreechart when I use fusionCharts. Jfreechart is a picture tool in java . Does everyone know how to solve this problem?
  5. Do you have any way to convert the lon/lat to the x,y coordinates for the fusionMap?
  6. Hi,all Although we can't get a a uniform expression that calcuating the makers by the longitude and latitude for ervery map,Usually , we just use one or two maps of fusionMap.So we just get that expression for the map that we use. So,when we just use one map of fusionmap, for example,FCMap_World8.swf, can we infered one formula of calcuating the location of a marker by the longitude and latitude? Or There is no probability for that?
  7. Thanks ! But can the SSGrid support the drilldown? <set label="China" value="187822" link="JavaScript:predictWin('101','1242921600');" Color="003399" />
  8. I want to use the world(countries) swf of fusionMaps and the SSGrid.swf to describe the information together. For every entities in the xml file, I use one color to define that. for example: - <data> <entity id="101" value="133145" color="#003399" /> <entity id="175" value="98855" color="#0099CC" /> <entity id="116" value="14813" color="#6699CC" /> <entity id="122" value="8965" color="#336633" /> <entity id="117" value="8257" color="#99CC33" /> <entity id="104" value="6864" color="#CCFF66" /> <entity id="105" value="5428" color="#FFCC33" /> <entity id="96" value="2532" color="#FFFFCC" /> <entity id="127" value="2286" color="#FF9999" /> <entity id="110" value="1975" color="#FFCCCC" /> </data> in the xml file for SSGrid. <set label="China" value="133145" /> <set label="Australia" value="98855" /> <set label="Pakistan" value="14813" /> <set label="Thailand" value="8965" /> <set label="Philippines" value="8257" /> <set label="India" value="6864" /> <set label="Indonesia" value="5428" /> <set label="Bangladesh" value="2532" /> <set label="Hong Kong" value="2286"/> <set label="Korea (south)" value="1975" /> I want to use the SSGrid chart to describe the list of the number of the above map. So in the two xml file. there are same data order. But I find the color of SSGrid is different from the color of fusionMaps. And I can't define and modify the color of the SSGrid. So how to reslove that problem?
  9. In the fusionMaps, I find there is noly "link="JavaScript:myJS('AU, 32');" about the drilldown function. But I think , the drilldown page is different when the mouse is over some entity of the map and when the mouse is clicked on some entity. Can the fusionMap realize that?
  10. Does the fusionMaps support the jsp?

    I have the honour of being the first user to try the JSP wrapper of the FusionMaps. Yeah!Thanks the developers of the Fusion Team!
  11. Source of FusionMaps demo

    Would you like giving me the source of FusionMaps JavaScript Drill-down on the Live Demo? I like this Demo very much. Beacutiful map and drill down function.
  12. Does the fusionMaps support the jsp?

    Hope ! Thanks
  13. Hi, In fusionCharts,I can use the FusionChartsRenderer.jsp and FusionChartsHTMLRenderer.jsp in our jsp file. But in fusionMaps, Can you provide that similiar fuction jsp file?