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  1. How to High lights the line

    Thanks for your reply
  2. In the following chart . I have two queries 1) If I mouse over "ccmobi" line in any point(not only "round" part in trendline), the "ccmobi" line should be highlighted in different color. 2) Actually the drill down is working only in hotspot(it is shows as a "round" in tredline). Can I do the drill down functionalities in any part of the line. (examle: "ccmobi" line ). XML: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <chart palette='2' caption='Caption' showValues='0' divLineDecimalPrecision='1' limitsDecimalPrecision='1' formatNumberScale='0' areaOverColumns='0' xAxisName='X-axis value' yAxisName='Y-axis value' labelDisplay='rotate' slantLabels='1' canvasPadding='50' seriesNameInToolTip='1' lineThickness='1' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='0' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize='10' exportFileName='Filename' exportAction='download' exportHandler='/fileneme/jsp/ex.jsp'logoURL='/images/copy.gif'> <categories> <category label='30.01.2010'/> <category label='31.01.2010'/> <category label='01.02.2010'/> <category label='02.02.2010'/> <category label='03.02.2010'/> </categories> <dataset seriesname='ccmobi' color='FF0000' anchorBorderColor='FF0000' anchorBgColor='FF0000'> <set value='13701' toolText='xx, 13701 '/> <set value='12895' toolText='xx, 12895 yy'/> <set value='13492' toolText='xx, 13492 yy'/> <set value='13383' toolText='xx, 13383 yy'/> <set value='13325' toolText='xx, 13325 yy'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='cc s' color='00FF00' anchorBorderColor='00FF00' anchorBgColor='00FF00' renderAs='Line'> <set value='367' toolText='cc Symbian, 367 yy'/> <set value='282' toolText='cc s, 282 yy'/> <set value='247' toolText='cc s, 247 yy'/> <set value='189' toolText='cc s, 189 yy'/> <set value='250' toolText='cc s, 250 yy'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='cc.i' color='0000FF' anchorBorderColor='0000FF' anchorBgColor='0000FF' renderAs='Line'> <set value='207' toolText=', 207 yy'/> <set value='193' toolText='cc.i, 193 yy'/> <set value='260' toolText='cc.i, 260 yy'/> <set value='263' toolText='cc.i, 263 yy'/> <set value='239' toolText='cc.i, 239 yy'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='d' color='FFFF00' anchorBorderColor='FFFF00' anchorBgColor='FFFF00' > <set value='14275' toolText='d, 14275 yy'/> <set value='13370' toolText='d, 13370 yy'/> <set value='13999' toolText='d, 13999 yy'/> <set value='13835' toolText='d, 13835 yy'/> <set value='13814' toolText='d, 13814 yy'/> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name='XScaleAnim' type='ANIMATION' duration='0.5' start='0' param='_xScale' /> <style name='YScaleAnim' type='ANIMATION' duration='0.5' start='0' param='_yscale' /> <style name='XAnim' type='ANIMATION' duration='0.5' start='0' param='_yscale' /> <style name='AlphaAnim' type='ANIMATION' duration='0.5' start='0' param='_alpha' /> <style name='CaptionFont' font='Arial' size='10' type='font' /> <style name='XAxisFont' font='Arial' size='10' type='font' /> <style name='YAxisFont' font='Arial' size='10' type='font' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='BACKGROUND' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='CANVAS' styles='XScaleAnim,YScaleAnim,AlphaAnim,CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='CAPTION' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='XAxisFont' /> <apply toObject='DATAPLOT' styles='XAxisFont' /> <apply toObject='DATAVALUES' styles='XAxisFont' /> <apply toObject='DIVLINES' styles='XScaleAnim,AlphaAnim,CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='HGRID' styles='YScaleAnim,AlphaAnim,CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='LEGEND' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='SUBCAPTION' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='TOOLTIP' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='TRENDLINES' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='TRENDVALUES' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='VLINES' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='XAXISNAME' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='YAXISNAME' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='YAXISVALUES' styles='YAxisFont' /> <apply toObject='VDIVLINES' styles='YScaleAnim,AlphaAnim,CaptionFont' /> </application> </styles></chart> Sample Chart: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. I have used following xml : <chart caption='Daily Visit Lengths' xAxisName=' ' yAxisName='Visits' labelDisplay='Rotate' seriesNameInToolTip='1' slantLabels='1' canvasPadding='50' lineThickness='1' showValues='0' formatNumberScale='0' anchorRadius='2' divLineAlpha='100' divLineColor='CADCE6' divLineIsDashed='1' showAlternateHGridColor='1' alternateHGridColor='000000' shadowAlpha='10' labelStep='1' numvdivlines='5' chartRightMargin='35' bgColor='CADCE6,F0F0F0' bgAngle='270' bgAlpha='100,0' alternateHGridAlpha='5' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='0' exportFileName='CEM4Mobile' exportAction='download' exportHandler='/cem4mobile-portal/movies/' > <categories> <category label='03.12.2009'/> <category label='04.12.2009'/> <vLine color='#ffghx' thickness='1' /> <category label='05.12.2009'/> <vLine color='#ggfff' thickness='1' /> <category label='06.12.2009'/> <vLine color='#ffghx' thickness='1' /> <category label='07.12.2009'/> <vLine color='#ggfff' thickness='1' /> <category label='08.12.2009'/> <category label='09.12.2009'/> </categories> <dataset seriesname='Singlepage visits' color='#FF0000' anchorBorderColor='#FF0000' anchorBgColor='#FF0000'> <set value='7189'/> <set value='6645'/> <set value='7266'/> <set value='6970'/> <set value='7351'/> <set value='7602'/> <set value='8275'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='61-180 s' color='#00FF00' anchorBorderColor='#00FF00' anchorBgColor='#00FF00'> <set value='1816'/> <set value='1937'/> <set value='1712'/> <set value='1861'/> <set value='1945'/> <set value='1993'/> <set value='2104'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='31-60 s' color='#0000FF' anchorBorderColor='#0000FF' anchorBgColor='#0000FF'> <set value='1360'/> <set value='1256'/> <set value='1207'/> <set value='1315'/> <set value='1334'/> <set value='1344'/> <set value='1512'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='11-30 s' color='#FFFF00' anchorBorderColor='#FFFF00' anchorBgColor='#FFFF00'> <set value='1245'/> <set value='1168'/> <set value='1072'/> <set value='1197'/> <set value='1314'/> <set value='1340'/> <set value='1578'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='181-600 s' color='#00FFFF' anchorBorderColor='#00FFFF' anchorBgColor='#00FFFF'> <set value='998'/> <set value='1033'/> <set value='1031'/> <set value='1050'/> <set value='1012'/> <set value='1061'/> <set value='1158'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='601-1800 s' color='#CC00CC' anchorBorderColor='#CC00CC' anchorBgColor='#CC00CC'> <set value='286'/> <set value='247'/> <set value='229'/> <set value='287'/> <set value='260'/> <set value='259'/> <set value='300'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='1-10 s' color='#AA0000' anchorBorderColor='#AA0000' anchorBgColor='#AA0000'> <set value='195'/> <set value='172'/> <set value='174'/> <set value='183'/> <set value='218'/> <set value='251'/> <set value='361'/> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name='CaptionFont' type='font' size='12'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='CAPTION' styles='CaptionFont'/> <apply toObject='SUBCAPTION' styles='CaptionFont'/> </application> </styles></chart> Charts is generated like the bellow: I need two information here. 1) Can I show the shadow between two lines(check the attached image). 2) how we can display multiple line events in same date(some time i got multiple events in same date. hw can i show the line)
  4. I have to add some information with in the charts. Please find the attachement. I have used following xml. <chart alternateHGridAlpha='5' showAboutMenuItem='1' aboutMenuItemLabel='portal' aboutMenuItemLink='' alternateHGridColor='000000' anchorRadius='2' bgAlpha='100,0' bgAngle='270' bgColor='CADCE6,F0F0F0' canvasPadding='50' caption='Text Image' chartRightMargin='35' divLineAlpha='100' divLineColor='CADCE6' divLineIsDashed='1' exportAction='download' exportAtClient='0' exportEnabled='1' exportFileName='CEM4Mobile' exportHandler='/cem4mobile-portal/movies/' formatNumberScale='0' labelDisplay='Rotate' labelStep='1' lineThickness='1' numvdivlines='5' seriesNameInToolTip='1' shadowAlpha='10' showAlternateHGridColor='1' showToolTip='1' showValues='0' slantLabels='1' xAxisName=' ' yAxisName=' '> <categories> <category label='23.10.2009' toolText=''/> <category label='24.10.2009' toolText=''/> <category label='25.10.2009' toolText=''/> <category label='26.10.2009' toolText=''/> <category label='27.10.2009' toolText=''/> <category label='28.10.2009' toolText=''/> </categories> <dataset seriesname='' color='1D8BD1' anchorBorderColor='1D8BD1' anchorBgColor='1D8BD1'> <set value='12991'/> <set value='5958'/> <set value='5386'/> <set value='2707'/> <set value='2346'/> <set value='1797'/> <set value='1795'/> <set value='290'/> </dataset> </chart>
  5. I found this attached image in some other site. I dont know the XML of this chart. I need sample xml for this chart.
  6. I need to generate the charts like attachment . The line should come in the date.please refer the attachment. Give me the sample xml
  7. I had added the code "link='j-drillScript,MSColumn3D.swf'" for drill down in pie chart. The drill down didn't open in the chart. This same function working correctly in the bar chart. The pie chart alread have some click functionality like separate the pie chart value in the chart. How to add the drill down functionality in pie chart. Thanks in advance
  8. Export charts in IE8 not working

    Please installed flash player 10. And try.
  9. I installed flash player 10. Now it is working fine. Thanks
  10. I installed flash player 10. Now it is working fine. Thanks
  11. I have multiple charts in single page. So I have passed the charts instance name to export that particular charts. Instance name is unique here.
  12. When we click export button , we call the following script : function <portlet:namespace/>exportCharts(exportType) { alert('exportType ::' + exportType + 'instanceName : ' + '<%=instanceName%>') ; //Get reference to chart. var chart = getChartFromId('<%=instanceName%>'); alert( 'chart ::' + chart) ; // Now, we proceed with exporting only if chart has finished rendering. if (chart.hasRendered() != true) { alert("Please wait for the chart to finish rendering, before you can invoke exporting"); return; } // call exporting function chart.exportChart( {exportFormat: exportType} ); } I got the error in the above script in "red" color marked area.
  13. I have used followimg xml(only <charts> tag is given). <chart caption='Exitpages' showValues='0' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' divLineAlpha='100' numVDivLines='4' vDivLineAlpha='0' showAlternateVGridColor='1' alternateVGridAlpha='5' labelStep='1' bgColor='CADCE6,FOFOFO' bgAngle='270' bgAlpha='100,0' alternateHGridAlpha='5' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='0' exportFileName='CEM4Mobile' exportAction='download' exportHandler='/cem4mobile-portal/jsp/FCExporter.jsp'> [code] I have used FusionCharts.js and FusionChartsExportComponent.js file. Here I have attached FCExporter.jsp file and java script error.
  14. It is working in Mozilla firefox. Problem occured only in IE
  15. Whenever click the export functionalities we call the following script. Here we pass the export type as parameter (Example : PDF and PNG) function <portlet:namespace/>exportCharts(exportType) { alert('exportType ::' + exportType + 'instanceName : ' + '<%=instanceName%>') //Get reference to chart. var chart = getChartFromId('<%=instanceName%>'); alert('chart ::' + chart) // Now, we proceed with exporting only if chart has finished rendering. if (chart.hasRendered() != true) { alert("Please wait for the chart to finish rendering, before you can invoke exporting"); return; } // call exporting function chart.exportChart( {exportFormat: exportType} ); } In the above Script we call "getChartFromId(InstanceName)". This method is I have mentioned below. /* Function to return Flash Object from ID */ infosoftglobal.FusionChartsUtil.getChartObject = function(id) /*here id is instancename*/ { var chartRef=null; if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft Internet")==-1) { if (document.embeds && document.embeds[id]){ chartRef = document.embeds[id];} else {chartRef = window.document[id];} } else { chartRef = window[id]; } if (!chartRef){ chartRef = document.getElementById(id);} return chartRef; } /* Aliases for easy usage */ var getChartFromId = infosoftglobal.FusionChartsUtil.getChartObject; But I got error like Object does not support this property or Method. This error occured in the first script(Marked in green color). So please guid me to solve this.