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  1. Chart type not supported

    I have got a problem about using this plugin on 3.9 version. When I use the current version the error "Chart type not supported" appears in some graphics. However, when using version 3.3 the error does not occur. Follows the returned error when active debug: "[FusionCharts] fired "error" event. #11171116151 FusionChartsHC-interface~renderer.load Error >> Unable to load required modules and resources: charts". I'm using import fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.jqueryplugin.js. The other libraries are in the same directory (fusioncharts.charts.js and fusioncharts.widgets.js). Help?
  2. Invalid Xml Data For Linked Chart

    when I update xml data in linkedchart always turn back to level 0. How to keep the same level?
  3. Somebody help? The invalid data error is displayed when i try update data in a linked chart open in second level or more. I would like update xmldata using javascript.
  4. Invalid Xml Data For Linked Chart

    How to update data in linked chart when second level is open? The invalid data error is displayed. Somebody help?