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  1. Bulb not updating in real time.

    Hi Support, We have now purchased the software, is there a formal way I can log a problem? It would appear that this problem has been given up on. Regards, Sam.
  2. Bulb not updating in real time.

    Hi, Is there anything else I can try? I've now also tried multiple computers and browsers without any luck. Regards, Sam.
  3. Bulb not updating in real time.

    Hi, As advised, please note that the Bulb.asp file is actually just a text file, let me change the filename to Bulb.txt so there is no confusion. In the file Bulb.txt there is just the contents: &value=99 No script generates this value. I have another 12 of these "DataProviders" which work fine for other chart types. Regards, Sam
  4. Bulb not updating in real time.

    Still no joy, just to advise previously though I did clear the cache of my browser in between attempts.
  5. Bulb not updating in real time.

    sorry should have mentioned Bulb.asp is just a text file and we update, I previously tried using bulb.txt (which also didnt work) but thought i'd rename it to keep everything as close to the original as 'the demo html' for the purpose of logging the problem. If I go the the URL: http://localhost/beta/FusionWidgets_Trial/DataProviders/Bulb.asp I get the value: &value=99 So that is fine...... We're looking at purchasing a license iminantly this is the only outstanding issue. Regards, Sam.
  6. Bulb not updating in real time.

    The data in bulb.asp is as mentioned in the original message: $ cat Bulb.asp &value=99 $ I am using the same method to input the data as 12 other charts on the same page which all work. I event pointed the URL at your 'demo bulb souirce' from your website and this didn't work either. Could there be a problem just with the evaluation version? Regards, Sam.
  7. Hi, We're currently evaluation the Fusionwidgets and although I have all the other charts working in real time no matter what I do I cannot get Bulb updating in realtime, it always sticks with the initial value, here is the config that I am using: <html> <head> <title>FusionWidgets Chart Gallery - Real-Time Line Chart</title> <script language="JavaScript" src="JSClass/FusionCharts.js"></script> <link rel='stylesheet' href='Contents/Styles.css' /> </head> <body bgcolor="#000000"> <table> <tr> <td align="center"> <div id="chartdiv13" align="center" class="text"> FusionWidgets needs Adobe Flash Player to run. If you're unable to see the chart here, it means that your browser does not seem to have the Flash Player Installed. You can downloaded it <a href="" target="_blank"><u>here</u></a> for free. </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var myChart13 = new FusionCharts("Charts/Bulb.swf", "myChartId13", "100", "100", "0", "0"); myChart13.setDataURL("Data/bulb.xml"); myChart13.render("chartdiv13"); </script> </td> </tr> </table> </body> </html> <chart bgColor="C4D283, FFFFFF" decimalPrecision="0" numberSuffix="%25" lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="100" dataStreamURL="DataProviders/Bulb.asp" refreshInterval="4"> <colorRange> <color minValue="0" maxValue="50" name="Normal" code="8BBA00"/> <color minValue="50" maxValue="75" name="Warning" code="F6BD0F"/> <color minValue="75" maxValue="100" name="Danger" code="FF654F"/> </colorRange> <value>52</value> </chart> Content of Bulb.asp: &value=99 When I load the page the bulb stays at 52%. Can you tell me if I'm doing anything wrong? I have checked from the webserver and all the file permissions are correct, I have even tried using the HTML & XML from your site and this does not apear to work either. When I run this on a page with other real time charts, all the other charts are updating at the correct intervals. Regards, Sam.