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  1. DLL problem

    I have everything working with the FusionCharts.DLL file from the FREE release. As soon as I replace this DLL with the version from the v3 download, I get the following error. I can immediately put the old file back and compile again without error.
  2. The release I downloaded is FusionCharts v3.1, Release: 24th February 2009 It took me two days to get the Free version installed and working. Now, since it was so crippled and so many options didn't work, my boss wants me to try the evaluation version of v3. Now I can't get it installed. I'm seriously about to recommend we look somewhere else. Someone please post step-by-step instructions for getting FusionCharts working with Visual Studio 2008 Professional. I do not want to see links to more documentation. I've got at least 3 completely different versions of index.html. If I'm going to pay $2000+ for this suite, I need it working immediately.