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  1. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Hi Srividya, I am talking about the fileName attribute of fc:render tag, which contains the name of swf file. I use a bean method to get the fileName and in the bean, this fileName is set while getXml method is executed. Basically, swf file name is not hardcoded, which swf file name should be passed is decided by getXml method. There are certain class level variables whcih are populated in bean methods. so, in getXml method, before returning xmlString, setChartFileName() is executed in the bean. And that will set Chart File Name as some swf file name. Then I have fileName attribute, filename="#{backingBean.chartFileName}". And in backingBean I have getChartFileName() method which returns fileName by prefixing with - (FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext()).getRequestContextPath() And because of this kind of dynamic setting of attributes, I wanted to make sure that attributes get parsed in the order that they are written. Thanks for all your help. Let me know if this topic needs to be moved to some other topic.
  2. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Hi Srividya, I have a filename value which gets set when xml attribute it parsed...during in getXml method. If you are saying that each attribut eis independent of other, then in my situation xml should get parsed first because I am putting that attribute before filename in my fc:render tag. Does it make sense? Thanks for your help.
  3. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Hi Srividya, I have been using your taglib.jar for Fusion Chart integration with JSF. HOw will I get notified if at all you release newer version of the same jar file? Please advise. Also, I am using backing bean method, so using fc.render tag in my page. Does the attribute filename get excuted/parsed before xml attribute? It is allowing me to write in whcihever order I want, but I noticed that filename is parsed before xml. Is there anyway to change the rule or its fixed? Please advise. Thanks.
  4. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Thanks Srividya. I took your latest taglib.jar and tested my code and it worked fine. Thanks so much for your help. I was using static XML all this while, now I will code to get data from database and test it out. thanks once again.
  5. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    hey Srividya, I have emailed you that I tried to add those lines and it has not worked. It is not giving any error as well. Is there any other way to debug this? Thanks.
  6. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    I think, its taking a while to update the changes. I am yet not able to view Messages.
  7. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Also, my jsp with Fusionchart is included in index.jsp, do you think that could cause an issue?
  8. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    yes, I did that. <head> <% response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.1 response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.0 response.setDateHeader ("Expires", 0); %> </head> but it didn't help me.
  9. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Hey Srividya, I tried to put it between head tags but didnt help Thanks.
  10. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    No, there are no cache headers, but when I hit F5, the URL for the page gets submitted again and with that, app Id1 page gets displayed and then when I click on the home page tab, it brings the chart on home page.
  11. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Just wanted to update you that, I kept debugMode="true" but when I click back on that tab, ofcourse that window doesn't appear anymore.
  12. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Sure. Do let me know if you want me to give you any clarification or if you have specific question. Are you online? Do you have chat option on this forum?
  13. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    There is no message on the chart. but logic of index.jsp is - <rich:tab label="Home" name="Home"> <jsp:include page="/jsp/home.jsp"/> </rich:tab> <rich:tab label="Id1 Tab" name="Id1Tab" > <IFRAME ID="Id1" NAME="Id1" SRC="<%= mgr.getId1URL() %>" width="1100" height="650"> </IFRAME> </rich:tab> This index.jsp also has a javascript function that is required by fusion chart - <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function myJS(myVar){ alert(myVar); <% document.getElementById('IndexForm:DataInput').value = myVar.toLowerCase(); document.getElementById('IndexForm:Id1Link').onclick(); } </script> And AJAX functionality is used to set the value for IndexForm:DataInput. home.jsp has Fusionchart implementation for JSF - <fc:render chartId="chart1Id" filename="../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf" width="700" height="300" xml="#{Backingbean.xml}" registerWithJS="1"></fc:render> Backingbean.xml has entire chart tag along with all the set tag with - xml+="<set name='Jan' value='462' color='AFD8F8' link='j-myJS-India' />"; So, with myJS functionality, I am able to navigate to the page on app Id1...but when I click back on the tab of home.jsp fusioncharts disappear. Hope this can help you give an idea of my code. Thanks a ton.
  14. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    so I have 2 IFRAMEs present in a richfaces 'tab'. one IFRAME has a page which displays fusionchart and 2nd IFRAMEd tab displays some other application. now when I click on fusionchart, I would like to go to a page of my 2nd tab application. Since IFRAME applications are independant, when you click on the tabs...it brings you the last visited page of your application. so having said that, when I click on the first tab again, it should show me fusioncharts again. but that doesn't happen. It takes me to the first page but fusionchart doesn't appear. when I hit REFRESH, it brings Fusionchart back. Can you help me? there seems to be some issue with session I am assuming. This entire use case was working correctly, before we implemented fusionchart. we were using Jfreechart, we are in a process of implementing fC in place of Jfreechart. Hope this helps.
  15. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    Hi Srividya, I again resolved the issue for using chart option. so now my chart appears fine. I have this chart appearing in an IFRAME. I need to make this chart clickable. When you click on bar of this column3D chart, user should get navigated to another application placed on another IFRAME on the same page. Now, I am able to do it using link option and providing appropriate URL. and it opens the correct page in the 2nd application. but the issue is, since its an IFRAME, I should be able to navigate to my original app with the chart. all IFRAMEs are in 'tab'. but when I click on the first tab, it doesn't display that chart to me. when I hit REFRESH on this page (F5), it brings the chart back. I am getting data from backing bean. Hope you understand the issue, please let me know if you need any more clarification. Thanks. Note: myJS function uses ajax functionality to go to other app page. but when I try to come back to the original tab, i get the page without the chart.