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  1. Y axis scale WRONG

    Hi All, I have a really annoying problem, I built a while ago an automated graph which works off a very large live system, all was well for months until a few weeks ago the Y axis started behaving strangely - as you will see from the picture, the Y axis numbers are out of sync, the proportions are right, just the numbers which seem to be wrong, i.e. instead of going up 2,4,6 etc it is going up 1,4,6 for example but the div lines are the same size! I am not intentionally doing anything to the Axis in my code, nothing different to the 10 or so other graphs I have built in Fusion, but I have never had this unexplained problem.... MD wants to know! :hehe: ANY help would be appreciated! Khateeb
  2. Decimals in Secondary Y axis

    Hi Guys, This is really driving me crazy, I am a frequent user of Fusion although my coding knowledge is in its infancy. I use mySQL and PHP to render the charts. One particular problem I am having is setting the decimals for my SECONDARY Y axis, for my purpose the Primary and Secondary Axis's are the same, I want the secondary one to render a line, which it does, fine, but the decimal attribute seems to not work when specifying as "sdecimal" or "SYdecimal' or "sYdecimal" nor "Sydecimal"...I have tried all combination's I can think of, is this even possible before I drive myself further round the bend?! Thanks in advance, Khateeb
  3. Display X-axis value fully.

    Hi - Many thanks, I knew there had to be a way, my solution was a bit of trial and error really! Oh and by the way, the Username is Qureshka ;-) Thanks again.
  4. Display X-axis value fully.

    Hi - I figured this out myself now - thank you. Don't know if it is the best way but It worked after some trial and error... Just changed the chartLeftMargin='50' and yAxisNamePadding ='100' to just about squeeze in all the text I needed to see on the X axis.
  5. Display X-axis value fully.

    Hi - I have this same problem but the canvasPadding='{pixel value}' doesn't fix this for me - although I have slightly longer text strings on my X axis - any ideas? Thanks in advance! Also- I have a problem with the font and bold of the yAxis labels (both primary and secondary) - I have put them into my <styles> section AND have them included on the <chart> elements too, but still doesnt do what I define.. I have done this successfully for the X axis...this is a small problem for me, the first problem is more urgent. ANY help would be much appreciated Newbie on PHP,XML,HTML AND Fusion!!!!