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  1. Hi, I am developing the dashboards application with fusion charts, I am getting data by executing sql query and using the xsl generating the xml to display the graph. here I want to generate the top/bottom n results of y axis values on the fly. provide me the details if any body developed this kind? Thanks, Rama
  2. Hi, I want to see the tooltext instead of label in SSGrid graph type as I have like label="San Fran..." toolText="San Francisco" in my xml. is it possible? an solution? Thanks, Rama
  3. Notable to do the drill down for area graph

    Hi, I am using the same syntax only , the drill down is working fine but my question is where to click on the graph is not visible in case of area graph type ,see the attached image. Thanks, Rama 1.bmp
  4. Notable to do the drill down for area graph

    I have attached the file Area2D_2248_763.xml
  5. Notable to do the drill down for area graph

    xml: The drill down is coming but where to click on the graph is not visible, like dot or anything we can put for drill down click
  6. Hi, I have the single value on area chart and no link is coming for that to go on drill down, if I change the graph type to any other then I am able click for drill down. But I want to show the drill down for Area graph also.. here is my xml: any suggestion? Thanks Rama
  7. Hi, I am developing the multi series graph for which multiseries dimesion is the year ,on the graph the year is displaying with out any sorted order, do you have any option to sort this. I have attached the xml file. It is little urgent,please help asap. Thanks Rama StackedColumn3D_1866_564.xml
  8. Data Grid Graph type for multi series graph

    Hi, PFA.. Thanks Rama StackedColumn3D_1373_564.xml
  9. Hi, I am using Fusioncharts 3.1, and i want display the underlying data for the graph ,so I used GridData graph type, but it is not coming for multi series graph.. experts.. please any help? it is very urgent.. Thanks Rama
  10. 'FusionCharts' is undefined

    Yup I have already included that file.
  11. 'FusionCharts' is undefined

    anybody from FusionCharts team pls help, it is bit urgent
  12. FusionChartsHelper.class is not compatable with JDK 1.4

    Thank you its, working fine now.
  13. 'FusionCharts' is undefined

    Hi , I am getting the script error while using the FusionCharts in update chart method, please provide the required info, it is very urgent. I have FusionCharts V3.1 licence Message: 'FusionCharts' is undefined Line: 101 Char: 12 Code: 0 my source code is: function updateChart(divId,chartId1,swf,fpath){ //Get reference to chart object using Dom ID var chartObj = new FusionCharts(swf, chartId1, "450", "300", "0", "1"); chartObj.setDataURL(fpath); chartObj.addVariable('showShadow', '1'); chartObj.render(divId); } getting the error at line new FusionCharts(swf, chartId1, "450", "300", "0", "1"); Thanks, rama
  14. Hi, I am using the FusionChartsHelper in jsp as: strDataURL = FusionChartsHelper.encodeDataURL(par); We are getting an error when trying to use the FusionChartsHelper class file from FusionCharts v3.1 (Release: 24th February 2009) licensed version. I have the Jdeveloper with jdk1.4 , so when I tried to import the FusionChartsHelper .class file and build my project its giving below error message: Error: cannot access class com.fusioncharts.FusionChartsHelper; class file has wrong version 50.0, should be 45.3 or 46.0 or 47.0 or 48.0 So please provide the FusionChartsHelper.class file which can be used with java1.4 Thanks, Rama